What are installment loans?

An installment loan in a Bad Credit site is a fixed amount of money that is paid back with interest by making fixed monthly installments.The rate of interest can be contingent on many factors, including the amount of money borrowed, the credit score of the borrower and the amount of collateral that is pledged and repayment terms could vary from a few months up to over 30 years.

Installment loans are unsecured and secured with personal assets as well as other collateral types.They are categorized as installment credit that you can borrow for a single lump-sum opposed to other credit cards that are revolving (e.g. credit cards) which you are able to use over the course of time.

To give you an understanding about installment loans, here are some specifics on the various kinds, their pros and cons, and more.

An overview of installment loans

Four of the most popular kinds that are installment loans include mortgages, personal loans, auto loans, and student loans. The majority of these loans with the exception of student loans and mortgages, provide fixed interest rates as well as fixed monthly installments. It is also possible to use an installment loan for different reasons, such as refinancing debt or consolidating auto loans.

How do you choose the best installment loan

In order to make an educated choice it is important to recognize the positive and the bad. Here are some of the basic advantages and disadvantages of the majority of installment loans:


  • Fixed-monthly payments The amount you pay is the exact amount each month, which makes it easier to budget.
  • Fixed rates The rate of interest will always remain the same, even when the market shifts.
  • Allows you to diversify your credit portfolio by introducing an additional installment loan proves to the lenders that you’re accountable and are able to manage various kinds of credit.
  • Improves the credit rating If you pay your monthly payments punctually, your credit score will increase.


  • Potential penalties and fees Certain loans might include origination charges or prepayment costs.
  • Potentially higher interest – Based on the lender’s credit profile and the credit score of the borrower, certain loans may have very high rates of interest.
  • Possibility of collateral requirement If a lender thinks you might be unable to pay back the loan, they could ask you to offer collateral.

There are some potential disadvantages with installment loans, they can be an excellent alternative for those with excellent, near-prime or poor credit. The more risky loan options like payday loans can appear appealing, but they come with some disadvantages.

Installment loans in contrast to revolving credit

Although installment loans and credit cards are among the most popular ways to get money, they differ in numerous ways. Here are a few of the most significant distinctions:

  • monthly payment Installment loans typically require monthly installments of equal amounts until the amount is paid in the full amount. However, monthly credit card payments may fluctuate due to the balance remaining and the interest rates.
  • The amount of funds available If you apply for an installment loan the amount you are able to borrow is a set lump amount. If you wish to make an addition to the loan, you might have complete a new credit application. When you use credit cards, you can get credit you can avail is determined by the current balance as well as your credit limit. If you’d like a greater amount of credit, some banks could give you one based on an excellent repayment history.
  • The interest rate The majority of installment loans offer fixed interest rates that remain fixed for the duration the term of loan. The interest rate on credit cards could rise for a variety of reasons, including late payment or variable interest rates, as well as when promotional rates expire.

For more details read the article about personal loans in comparison to. credit card.

Revolving credit, house equity line of credit as well as a personal line credit each have their advantages when it comes to borrowing money.

  • Credit that is revolving lets you borrow money over a regular basis, up to a predetermined limit. You then have to repay it in time. The process of paying off this type of loan on a consistent timeframe typically monthly can improve the credit rating.
  • The home equity loan utilize the equity of your home as collateral. They offer competitive interest rates on these loans, which are beneficial for you. Regarding credit score impacts, just applying for an equity loan for your home, but not using it immediately could boost your score. But, if you take the majority of your loan may adversely affect your credit score.
  • Personal credit lines provide another alternative that permits the user to withdraw funds as required, however rather than receiving the complete amount of funds approved at once the line of credit grants you access to a predetermined credit limit you are able to take out loans whenever you need to. Once you’ve been approved the lender is likely to define a time during which you can withdraw funds from the account, also known as an “draw duration.” Find out more about the difference between personal loans and line of credit.

The third installment “How-to” guide

If you think you’ve made the best option for you, there are some steps to take before you make an application. The first step is to use an online Personal loan calculator. This will give you an estimate of how your monthly payment might be like and how your choices will fit into your budget. Also, make sure to check your credit score to avoid surprise charges when you make an application.

The next step is to take the personal papers you need. The requirements to apply for a loan could differ according to the lender, but typically needed documents include documents proving your identity and proof of residency as well as proof of income, and a social Security card. Take the time to study different lenders.

Are you looking to take out a loan? You’re all set.

Once you know the way installment loans work, you’re prepared to explore the options of borrowing confidently and decide what’s right for you at the time.