Travelers Choice relaunches membership structure with three new options – Travel Weekly

Travelers Choice has announced a major reboot of its membership structure, with the introduction of three new membership packages.

Managing Director Christian Hunter said the shift to multiple membership options reflects the changes that have reshaped the retail travel industry over the past two years.

“Meanwhile, many independent travel companies have responded by evolving their operations, with some moving from office to remote working and others adopting a hybrid model,” Hunter said.

“We recognized an opportunity to adapt our membership terms to ensure that we offer independent travel businesses more choice and greater flexibility.

“Now they can choose from three solutions, each with distinct price and service levels, but all backed by the unparalleled support that Travelers Choice is renowned for.

New membership options include Active; suitable for home businesses that receive a selection of essential support services with the option to activate additional services, Elevate; a full-service offering providing businesses with a full suite of proprietary tools, products and services, and Accelerate; suitable for high-turnover, fast-growing businesses that want to accelerate sales return through a transparent, pre-determined compensation structure.

Travelers Choice members will be free to switch plans at any time and will continue to be shareholders of the company and receive commissions and payroll rebates from the preferred supplier.

“As always, the primary goal of Travelers Choice is to help our members grow their business,” said Hunter.

“Our new agile membership structure achieves this by giving members greater flexibility in how they engage – now and in the future – with our unparalleled suite of sales and marketing services and team of business development managers.

According to Hunter, the introduction of the group’s new membership structure coincides with an inflection point in the history of the travel industry, when independent travel companies are rightly reassessing their consortia arrangements.

“I’m confident our new approach will resonate with the wide range of businesses – from home-based operators to multi-site and high-revenue businesses – looking to activate, elevate or accelerate their business.”