Three tips for building a strong corporate culture from a distance

“Corporate culture is the lifeblood of your organization – it’s the what, why, who and how of your business,” she said. HRD. “The other W is ‘where’ and when it’s away, how do you maintain the shared experiences of your workforce while working apart?

“Maintaining a strong corporate culture during shutdowns has helped organizations keep their workforce engaged, which went a long way in overcoming the challenges presented by the pandemic and those who did were over likely to have succeeded. A wise employer knows that a well-defined and adopted corporate culture can help them recruit and retain the best talent for their business. It can also help prevent any potential performance issues within the team.

“Conversely, a weak virtual culture can make employees who work remotely feel less connected to their colleagues. In these cases, we have seen employee job performance suffer.

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The loss of a strong sense of culture is one of the biggest concerns of business leaders when it comes to hybrid or remote working in the future. This is the reason why some people do not believe that hybrid work will be successful in the long run. But there are a number of ways organizations can virtually foster a resilient culture.