The Salzgitter Group continues its strategic realignment and adopts a new group structure

During its meeting, the Supervisory Board of Salzgitter AG approved the adaptation of the Group’s structure proposed by the Management Board. As a member of ‘Salzgitter AG strategy 2030″, the existing corporate structure will be further streamlined from April 1, 2022. In the new business areas ‘Steel Production’ and ‘Steel Processing’, the Group’s steel activities will be grouped according to value creation and customer needs. This means that the Salzgitter Group will now be divided into four segments instead of the previous five.

Gunnar GroeblerCEO of Salzgitter AG: ‘We are positioning our Group in a lean, powerful and market and customer-oriented way for the transformation that we have initiated. In the field of steel production, we bring together the essential elements of our SALCOS program (Salzgitter Low CO.2 Steelmaking) participating subsidiaries. The steel processing division focuses on the downstream value creation stages and customer processes. In addition to leveraging synergies and focusing on customers, this realignment will enable even tighter, goal-oriented coordination and thus support the accelerated transformation process until 2033.”

The Steel Production business unit is led by Ulrich Grethe, who has successfully run the Flat Steel business unit with a high level of expertise for eight years. In this way, we ensure continuity in the transformation that has begun. In addition to steel companies Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH and Peiner Trager GmbHthe division also includes DEUMU Deutsche Erz- und Metall-Union GmbH as an important internal transformation partner for our SALCOS program.

In addition to the steel tube producers, the Steel Processing business unit also includes the two heavy plate rolling mills in Ilsenburg and Mulheim. Burhard Becker is responsible for this business unit, in addition to his role as Chief Financial Officer of Salzgitter AG. Burhard Becker: ‘I look forward to the additional challenge. The segment includes various medium-sized steel processing companies with similar core processes and business value drivers. My task is to form parentheses around the various steel processing companies and develop them further.

technology and trade divisions will remain unchanged. The Technology division is led by Kai Ackerwho has developed and positioned it convincingly in recent years. Volker SchultHead of the Trading Division, will leave his post on December 31, 2022 after nearly 40 years of service to the Salzgitter Group. “At the end of the year, I will leave the company due to my age and then hand over to my successor Dr. Sebastien Bross, the former head of the Heavy Plates / Steel Sections business unit. He will lead a highly motivated and highly professional team around the world. But above all, it is important for me to manage the currently very difficult situation in the steel market,” says Volker Schult. Heinz-Gerhard WenteChairman of the Supervisory Board of Salzgitter AG, commented as follows: “The Trading Division is performing extremely economically. It is considered a valued partner by its customers, from medium to large enterprises, all over the world. Volker Schult made a remarkable contribution. On behalf of the Supervisory Board of Salzgitter AGI want to thank Volker Schult for many years of fruitful work. With dr. Sebastien Bross we have found the ideal successor. During the last years, Dr. Bross was general manager in the three main steel sectors – strip, sheet and section – responsible for sales, logistics and production. Thanks to his many years of experience in the group, market and sales, he is quickly able to meet the challenges ahead in the Retail division.’

Detailed information on the financial statements for the 2021 financial year, the ‘Salzgitter AG The 2030 strategy and the new organization of the Group will be presented during the annual press conference of the March 21, 2022.


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