The free Combivino app combines 900 types of wine and over 70 types of craft beer with 2,000 recipes

The first virtual sommelier is now available online for free – Combivino is the smart app that combines 2,000 recipes with hundreds of wine labels and over 70 types of craft beer.

The free Combivino app combines 900 types of wine and over 70 types of craft beer with 2,000 recipesRome, Italy ( Combivino, the international app for pairing wine and beer with food, is available in English and worldwide.

Combivino is the first app that combines wine and craft beers with food simultaneously via smart matching: there are nearly 2,000 regional and international recipes, more than 900 types of wine and 76 styles of beer. The app is free to download of Google Play and the App Store and allows everyone to discover the basics of tasting.

A success that comes from Italy and numbers over a million interactions including clicks and internal searches with an increasing number of downloads in the Italian market alone. A boom in downloads is expected for the English version.

The global wine and beer market is reaching astonishing figures. According to Statista, the wine segment is expected to reach $366 billion in 2022 while that of beer will reach 643 billion dollars, with an estimated growth rate of around 7% for the next few years.

Combivino is a ‘Virtual Sommelier’ ideal for consulting the wine list in a restaurant or choose the right bottle at the wine shop or supermarket. But the app is also a great opportunity to “flaunt” your knowledge with business partners, partners or friends. The app is also useful for industry experts to learn more about pairings with little-known wines and beers in their multiple nuances and geographical indications.

Federica Zevi explains: “Our wine classification system is based on the body and the dominant organoleptic note. The body goes hand in hand with the texture of the food, while the organoleptic note corresponds to the tactile and aromatic characteristics. Combivino also has two special features exclusive to our pairing system: the Multi-Serve Pairing, which finds suitable pairings for multiple dishes, and the Tasting option, which recommends wines in the correct tasting order by a function of intensity and persistence. »

The free Combivino app combines 900 types of wine and over 70 types of craft beer with 2,000 recipes

The Italian start-up set up the project three years ago thanks to a team of sommeliers and technology experts made up of Alessio Papasergio, founder of the project, Federica Zevi, co-founder and head of food and wine pairings, and Salvatore Cosenza, teacher and expert craft beer taster. The aim was to complete a map of the world’s main wine regions and to combine hundreds of grape varieties and appellations with international dishes.

Since the app was first introduced in Italy, Combivino has recorded tens of thousands of searches every month, with peak views and downloads around lunch and dinner time. according to the time zones of different nations and mainly on weekends and holiday periods. Combivino has in fact been developed to be easily usable when looking at a restaurant’s wine list or choosing the right bottle to open at home.

And these numbers are set to grow thanks to the continuous additions of pairings and content and thanks to the participation in international events and the kind collaboration of foreign sales offices and local promotion organizations. The challenge is all the more ambitious with the international launch as Combivino must provide useful pairing proposals for all types of users and cuisines while representing lesser-known production areas.

Alessio Papasergio, founder of Combivino: “The exceptional results of the project, which continues to grow, depend on the culture and passion of our team for good food and good wine. From now on, the objective is to promote Combivino worldwide by involving companies, the media and organizations in the sector. In the meantime, I can say that we are working on many related projects. Mixology is becoming more and more popular and, after wine and beer, we are thinking of adding pairings with cocktails and spirits. We have also been working for months on a virtual sommelier prototype for the large distribution chain, based on our classification and matching system. How would the shopping experience in supermarkets improve if we could match the right bottle with the products on the cart? As happened with Combivino, this is a service that is currently not available on the market.

About Combivino

Combivino is an application developed by Portale Chef Srl, an Italian company experienced in advising for the catering industry, and which selects food and beverage products for restaurants, e-commerce sites and purchasing centres.

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