The Art of Corporate Culture on Social Media | Adrian Dayton – Clearview Social

Put that into perspective: Your business social media pages start out as a blank canvas. As a marketer, it’s up to you to use your paint palette to best represent your company’s brand on this canvas. Mastering the art of social media business pages can seem tricky, as brand guidelines can restrict your creative freedom. However, if you only use black, white and gray, your company’s true brand colors won’t show through. So how do you turn this blank canvas into a masterpiece? 3 words: Incorporate corporate culture.

Here are 10 ways to add color to corporate culture:

1.) Humanize your business

Take advantage of social media while showcasing your corporate culture. Putting faces to names helps customers better understand who and what your business really stands for. Imagine choosing between Company A and Company B based on their company’s Linkedin page.

Company A’s page mainly contains infographics and links to their company’s website. Company B also posts important content for the company, but it also posts its smiling employees, videos at company events, and photos of its waterfront office.

Which company are you most likely to meet with?

Promoting your business to be customer-friendly and prioritizing company culture is more likely to grab the attention of potential customers and make them want to know more about what you do.

2.) Showcase your clients’ success stories through testimonials.

It’s no secret that actions speak louder than words. When your customer/customer accomplishes something with the help of your products/services, wave to them or interview them for feedback on how they got there. Showing your target audience that you can help them and appreciating how far you’ve come will validate your brand.

3.) Work anniversaries and employee signings

Employees make up your color palette. The way they perform and their willingness to work hard reflects the continued success of your brand. Defending the interests of employees is essential. Let them know they’re appreciated by posting work anniversaries or celebrating their success and growth. Clients/customers love to see the faces behind the masterpiece.

4.) Employee Takeovers

Let your employees take ownership of the company’s social media pages for a day and let them share their daily experiences. Again, let the faces behind the masterpiece have their time to shine!

5.) Networking/Conferences

Attending industry-related conferences allows you to connect with those in your industry. Attending industry-related events also inevitably connects you with prospects.

6.) Maintain a Good Mix of Planned and Spontaneous Content

Orchestrating scheduled content is important, but one way to stay dynamic is to publish on the fly. For example: go live on Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram. Post an industry-related article that matches your brand’s motives. Display your pets in the office!

7.) Collaborative Moments

Walk around your office and try to capture candid moments of teamwork. If you’re remote, pay attention to detail in group chats on your company’s internal communications app. Employees overlapping each other are part of the culture.

8.) Continuing education and its recognition

Some companies offer to enroll their employees in courses to help them deepen their knowledge and expertise. If employees choose to participate in these after-school programs, let them know on social media. It’s promising for prospects to see you hiring high-end workers!

9.) Use memes to stay playful

Memes are more than just funny and witty – they’re relatable! Memes have become a new means of communication. They boost morale while maintaining corporate culture. Rather than posting a message with lots of text, using images and videos may be all you need to get a message out.

10.) Adopt an Advocacy Agenda

74% of employees feel they are unaware of company information and news (Trade Press Services) and 85% of employees say they are more engaged when management provides regular updates on company news company (Trade Press Services). Employee advocacy programs allow employees to organically frame content in their own style and voice. It makes both the brand and themselves beautiful. That being said. . . Clearview Social can be a starting point.

Using company culture to add color to your palette not only demonstrates a thriving work environment to potential clients, but it also translates to greater appreciation from your employees.

Ah, corporate culture in the middle of lead generation…that’s what I call art!