Tesla recalls single Model X over poor body structure: details here

Tesla has recalled a single Model X electric SUV for not being equipped with a necessary body reinforcement that results in a lack of safety.

By : HT automatic office
01 May 2022, 11:46

The Tesla Model X comes with a lack of security measure.

Tesla has recalled a single 2022 Model X over a poor body structure that compromises the electric SUV’s safety. According to a statement from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the specific Tesla Model X comes without the brace bracket, which means the electric car does not meet the minimum charging requirements approved in FMVSS 207 and 210. This results in a lack of safety for the occupants of the second row of the EV in the event of an accident, which increases the risk of injury. This prompted NHTSA to force Tesla to recall the Model X and replace the vehicle free of charge.

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The NHTSA document reveals that the specific 2022 Tesla Model X is one of a handful of the company’s pre-production five-seat test vehicles. The document reveals that the electric vehicle was built to specification in February this year, but testing revealed that the design did not meet the minimum allowable load requirement.

Later, before the mass production of the vehicle began, the design was updated to comply with the minimum load requirement standard. In March this year, Tesla Model Xs test models that were not up to standard due to a design flaw received specification updates through retrofitting. However, this specific model came out of the factory without the new bracket installed.

It is claimed that this happened as a result of operational surveillance. The specific Tesla Model X was delivered to the customer on March 31. On April 6, Tesla found the defect in the car during its manufacturing audit.

Date of first publication: May 01, 2022, 11:38 a.m. IST