Q&A with Robert Geckle of Airbus US Space & Defense on corporate culture and plans, areas seeking growth

Robert Geckle, Chairman and CEO of Airbus US Space & Defense, was featured in a recent Executive Spotlight interview published on Wednesday. He talked about the company’s projects, such as building the militarized version of the H-145 aircraft, which he considers “the most rewarding.” Geckle also discussed his strategic goals for the year, the markets he is targeting, the core values ​​that are important to the company’s culture, and initiatives to attract and retain talent.

Here is an excerpt from Geckle’s interview detailing areas where Airbus could expand its footprint:

“The areas of satellites, surveillance, unmanned systems, communication terminals and others are critical spaces that are absolutely relevant to what the Department of Defense needs in the years to come. Airbus US is strengthening its offerings in these areas. This is where I see our growth coming from as we move forward.

Synthetic aperture and radar technologies are becoming increasingly necessary in the commercial and defense sectors. Airbus US has a number of proven technologies to meet these needs.

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