Meet Tmall’s 8 Types of Chinese Shoppers

What happened: Tmall’s brand incubator, Tmall Super New Star, collaborated with Vogue China for the 618 Shopping Festival, the highly anticipated mid-year retail gala. The partnership sees the fashion publication offering eight young Chinese shopper archetypes and lists of product recommendations for each. Categories include Fitness Enthusiasts, Beauty Reviewers, Pet Parents, Health Nutrition Experts, and Food Breeders. For each group, the list includes on-trend, discounted items from up-and-coming companies like colored contact lens brand Moody, skincare house Kimtrue and pet food maker Solid Gold.

Vogue China has teamed up with Tmall to explore the desires of young Chinese consumers at this year’s 618 festival. Photo: Vogue China Weibo

The Jing plug: As the lockdown ends, brands and e-tailers are nimblely harnessing one of China’s biggest shopping sprees. The 618 promotion carnival can be particularly lucrative for emerging names looking to disrupt the market: according to small data As of 2021, up-and-coming names like women’s personal care brand Amiro, dietary supplement brand Mint Health and underwear maker Ubras have all set single-day sales records over the same period. Last year.

However, without pouring big bucks on marketing and heavily discounted products, these smaller companies will struggle as deep-pocketed players and large households continue to absorb most of the traffic. In the long term, this business strategy is financially unsustainable.

Given this, domestic online platforms are gravitating their efforts towards lesser-known lines. The Tmall x Vogue initiative is shrewd: it aligns with younger consumers by capturing their appetite for sharp names and products, but also provides a credible lifeline for SMBs in the competitive digital marketplace.

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