Lockdown will ruin corporate culture, warns HR’s Mamun

“There’s no way I’m letting these people go home,” HR’s Mamun muttered. “What will happen to the synergy, dynamism and disruption of the company, if there is no one to synergize, energize and disrupt in the office?

“It’s finally time for me to align with my goals, think outside the box, get back to plan, make an impact and shift the paradigm,” he said, giving himself a speech. ‘encouragement.

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Ever since the Omicron variant of Covid-22 arrived in the city of Dhoka, HR managers like Mamun have been shaking in their boots – no, not for fear of being infected, but for empty desks and switched off computers, work from home (FMH).

Exactly a year ago, when the Delta variant was wreaking havoc, when lockdown was imposed, Mamun saw the horror. Ideation was at rock bottom, and so was he.

Unfortunately for HR, history is set to repeat itself. If another lockdown is imposed, scalability will surely sink, Mamun warned the government.

Employees were seen trying to console Mamun, but for some reason they didn’t have that pained expression on their faces.

“Oh no, another lockdown, what should I do? said Hirok Paul, one of the employees. “Guess it’s time for me to pack my bags and get ready for the WFH.”

“Man, I’m gonna miss waking up at 7 a.m., wearing a three-piece suit with a tie that’s suffocating me all day, chatting with other random employees, and nodding at meetings. of an hour. I was living life,” he said.

“Now I’m going to be home, wearing pajamas all day, spending time with my family and ordering food. It’s so depressing,” he added.

Unlike Hirok, a group of employees were very cheerful about the impending lockdown.

“We are introverts, a special breed of individuals who introspect and reflect on the important aspects of life,” the self-aggrandizing group said. “Since we use so much of our energy to contemplate the world, this confinement will bring us great richness.

“You see, unlike ordinary extroverts, who have infinitely smaller brains than ours, we need time to recharge our minds, after dwelling on economics, psychology, philosophy, etc. Talking with commoners wears us out,” said the group, who are known not to talk much, but not today, it seems.

After hearing the annoying introverts, Mamun started begging them.

“O introverts, please don’t forsake me! I know these are tough times, now more than ever. Let’s start a brainstorming session and find an alternative to WFH, how about you? We’re all in this together, like a family. We need to pivot from the new normal, please!”