Large companies are highly rated for their company culture, by comparison

How were these companies ranked comparably?

By comparison, a workplace culture and assessment site has released its latest ranking of Best Places to Work Awards: Employers with Highly Rated Company Cultures. The annual awards give employees and job seekers an idea of ​​what the companies really stand out for.

To create the list, Comparably used anonymous employee reviews from November 26, 2020 through November 26, 2021. Questions about salary, work life, and leadership endorsement helped determine employers with the best culture. Questions included “Is your work environment positive or negative?”, “Are you satisfied with your benefits?” and “Do you approve of the work your management team does in your company?”

“The answer to each question was given a numerical score and then compared to companies of similar size,” Comparably said.

There was a new winner in this year’s list of large companies, or companies with more than 500 employees. After being in the top five since 2017, HubSpot took over the top spot from Google last year. Google ranked #20 in the 2021 list.

Company locations, industries, and quotes were shared from Comparably. The full list of companies with the best corporate culture, including the list of small and medium-sized companies, can be viewed on Comparably’s website here.