LA, Chicago CBS CEOs after corporate culture survey

After what he called an “extremely deep and comprehensive” review of “our organization and our culture,” CBS News and Stations said it is seeking new leadership at KCBS-KCAL in Los Angeles and WBBM in Chicago.

From Thursday, KCBS-KCAL gm Jay howell and WBBM gm Derek dalton were no longer with the stations. Although no specific allegations have been announced, the measures are the latest in the newly formed CBS News and Stations group after an explosive Los Angeles Times article alleging misconduct, racism and misogyny within the group. stations.

Howell started working at KCBS in June 2019 while Dalton was appointed general manager of the Chicago station in 2018.

In an email, George cheeks, President and CEO of CBS Entertainment Group told staff, “The investigation cited painful revelations of experiences that we cannot tolerate today or in the future.”

Claiming that the investigation broadly revealed “issues” that were “deeper in some areas and at specific stations than others,” Cheeks went on to say, “Our workplace culture needs to improve from there. measurably and your confidence needs to be restored with your CBS leaders.

In April, CBS announced plans to form a new division of ViacomCBS combining the journalistic and commercial resources of CBS News and CBS television stations. Last week, this team, jointly led by Wendy mcmahon and fellow president and co-director of CBS News and Stations, Neeraj Khemlani, has announced a new head of its stations focusing on the eastern half of the country with plans to hire additional presidents in the future.

Here is a copy of an email sent by McMahon, first reported by FTVLive:

Hi all.

It’s an important day for all of us at CBS Stations.

After six months of an extremely in-depth and comprehensive review of our organization and culture, I am writing to inform you that the external leadership survey at our stations has been completed and, therefore, we will be looking for new CEOs to our Los Angeles and Chicago train stations.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to speak to the investigators. Your concern and concern for your colleagues… and your courage… have kept us moving forward.

Our future depends on our ability to lead the way in local news and connect closely with the communities we serve. Over the past few weeks, I have met each of our station management teams, making content, culture and community our top priorities at all CBS stations. Our success is only possible if we come together and start rewriting the future we want for our resorts now. This is only possible if leaders at all levels of the organization share the same commitment… the same values ​​and priorities.

While acknowledging the range of emotions of the past few months, today is an opportunity for all of us to look to the future. George, Neeraj and I are committed to leading with transparency, respect and inclusion… cultivating a spirit of collaboration and innovation… doing what is right for our organization and united teams as we reimagine our brands and businesses during a time of tremendous change.

We will immediately begin our search for new leaders in Los Angeles and Chicago and I will keep you posted as we move forward. In the meantime, I know this day may be difficult for many of you. Please feel free to contact your manager, human resources, or myself if there is anything we can do to help you.