How Employers Are Creating a Fun Company Culture During the Pandemic

  • The coronavirus pandemic has closed offices across the country and is fundamentally changing the way employers shape their culture.
  • To adapt, companies have gotten creative with ways to help workers feel like part of a team.
  • Some 18 business leaders shared with Business Insider what they do, including everything from hosting remote paint parties and bingo games, to sending meals to employees and raising parental leave time.
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The coronavirus has thrown a wrench into traditional office culture. When offices were closed, millions of workers were forced to work from home. All in-person events and opportunities to connect face-to-face are gone.

HR teams across the country have been faced with a big question: how do you keep employees engaged while working from home?

Some companies have found a way to do this. In a survey conducted in May, Gallup found that the percentage of “engaged” workers in the United States – those who are highly involved, enthusiastic and engaged in their work and workplace – reached 38%, the highest since several years.

Here’s what several companies have done to make workers feel like they’re always part of a team.