Fayette Commissioners Award Bids for Structure Connecting Courthouse to District Attorney’s Office | Local News

Fayette County commissioners awarded contracts to three companies to build a structure connecting the district attorney’s office to the courthouse.

The $966,198 project involves building a structure from the side of the courthouse to the former Wagoner and Ferens law firm, where the district attorney’s office is now located, Commissioner Dave Lohr said.

District Attorney Rich Bower said the structure would look more like a building than a bridge, and the style would match the district attorney’s office building and the transition to the courthouse.

Bower said the connector will provide increased security for witnesses, police and victims who need to be in the office for court, as well as the office’s 22 employees.

“People don’t think it’s dangerous work, but it’s more dangerous than you might imagine,” Bower said.

Once the connector is completed, anyone going to the district attorney’s office will enter through the courthouse and be directed to a door in the structure. Once at the door, anyone wishing to enter the prosecutor’s office will have to be buzzed.

Tenders awarded were $873,000 to Masco Construction for general construction, $45,000 to Hranec Sheet Metal for mechanical construction, and $48,198 to George R. Smalley Company Inc. for electrical construction.

Lohr and commissioners Scott Dunn and Vince Vicites unanimously approved the offers.

Commissioners also approved bids to repair the roof of the Fayette County building. The project involves the replacement of the roof and masonry from the roofline of the county building section of the courthouse.

Murray Sheet Metal Company in Parkersburg, West Virginia, was the winning bidder.

The total cost of the project is $621,371, of which $439,274 are contractor costs and $182,097 are the cost of materials that will be purchased through the US Communities Program.

In addition, Commissioners unanimously approved appointments to three boards:

Muriel Nuttall has been reappointed to the Go Laurel Highlands Board of Directors with a term expiring June 30, 2023; Bill Talkington was appointed to the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission’s Public Involvement Committee with a term expiring December 31, 2023; James Stark was appointed to the Workforce Development Board of Directors as a representative of community organizations with a term expiring June 30, 2026, and Frank Staszko was appointed to the Workforce Development Board of Directors. labor as a representative of the service of state employees with a mandate. expires June 30, 2026.