Facebook no longer has an amazing company culture: poll

HubSpot has the best company culture, followed by RingCentral, Boston Consulting Group, and Microsoft. Adobe rounded out the top five in the annual list compiled by Comparably.

The list extends to 200 companies (100 large companies and 100 small and medium-sized companies, which deserve their own list), but Facebook is noticeably absent from this year’s list.

He had been a four-time winner, according to Comparably.

The social media platform has been criticized, among other things, for allowing the spread of hate speech and not doing enough to tackle misinformation. His troubles came to a head in September when the the wall street journal released a damning report on how Facebook works and what it doesn’t know, based on leaked internal documents. The following month, Frances Haugen identified herself as the whistleblower and testified before Congress, calling the company “morally bankrupt”.

A few weeks later, Facebook changed its name to Meta in a stated effort to center its mission around the Metaverse, a loosely defined future iteration of the internet powered by virtual reality. The parent company also owns Instagram and WhatsApp in addition to the main social network Facebook.

In the small and medium business space, those with the best corporate cultures are Alida, People.ai, Mixpanel, Pipefy, and Route.

By comparison, it now bases its Best Places to Work Awards on 15 million anonymous reviews from current employees at 70,000 companies over the past 12 months.

Correction: An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated the number of large companies on the list. The story has been updated.