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Are your calendars marked for the premier b2b online games industry conference of the year November 15-17? Pocket Gamer Connects Digital NEX is upon us now, and it’s a fantastic opportunity for any gaming industry professional, developer, or job seeker with industry aspirations looking to move forward in obtaining new expert knowledge on current and future industry trends and alongside key networking opportunities.

With a busy schedule of over 200 speakers who are at the top of their respective fields and plenty of networking opportunities with over 1,000 gaming industry professionals through our sophisticated online meeting platform, this upcoming conference has been organized with the future in mind. You can expect cutting edge content that will shine a light on what we can expect NEXT in the mobile gaming industry. As the conference draws closer, we wanted to share with you a preview of some of the leads that will give you a taste of what we have in store for you on November 15th.

Today we’re going to take a closer look at two avenues that have proven to be very popular: Industry Visions and Values ​​and Corporate Culture. While we will have a number of dedicated product development tracks such as mastery of multiplayer, social games and more, these two tracks are especially critical to follow due to their ever-changing but timeless nature and importance. for the long-term success of the business. .

Explore our shared visions and values

Throughout the Industry Visions + Values ​​track, we’ll take a look at how we’re building a better gaming industry and aspire to a more positive future for everyone, as well as the impact games have on society as a whole. This gives us a unique opportunity to highlight forward-thinking companies that are making a positive impact on the world while providing an open forum to discuss the challenges facing the industry and how we might overcome these challenges together. In addressing these topics, we aim to both inform and inspire all participants on how we can re-evaluate the value of the products we put into the world.

Whether it’s addressing positive morals in games created for kids, unboxing specific case studies, or discussing how games can play a role in sustainable development practices, our expert speakers have it all covered. Some of the threads you can expect to include:

  • Session: Designing games that protect children
    Loudspeakers: Oscar Clark from Fundamentally Games, Munshi Saeed Hasnat from Alpha Potato, Nate Sawatzky from Supercell
  • Session: How mobile gaming is being used for a positive social impact in Africa
    Speaker: Denis Odera, Usiku
  • Session: GamesForest.Club: How the games industry will have a major impact on saving the planet
    Speaker: Georg Broxtermann, GameInfluencer

Immerse yourself in the corporate and team culture

We live in an increasingly diverse but interconnected world, and we want to make sure that participants are well informed and equipped to have conversations that can be difficult at times but are still incredibly important and necessary. On top of that, the work culture in many industries is changing due to the pandemic and it can be overwhelming to rethink paradigms that have been in place for a long time. At PG Connects Digital NEXT, you can learn from pioneering companies leading the way in post-pandemic working life.

Here are some of the sessions we will have at our next conference:

  • Session: Changing the game: how the industry gives back to the world
    Loudspeakers: George Osborn from UKIE, Sebastien Borget from Sandbox, Tarja Porkka-Kontturi from Global Game Jam, Georg Broxtermann from GameInfluencer, Simay Dinc from Recontact Games, Kelvin Plomer from Jagex
  • Session: Mental health in the game: burnout
    Speaker: Raffael Boccamazzo, PsyD of Take This
  • Session: New work culture: adapting to post-pandemic professional life
    Loudspeakers: Vladimir Funtikov from Creative Mobile, Enric Cabestany from Funplus, Tarja Porkka-Kontturi from Global Game, Jam Natania Mathany from A Thinking Ape, Ali Neretniece from Tag Games, Caoihme Roddy from Chucklefish

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