EnsembleIQ Recognized for Exceptional Company Culture

CHICAGO, March 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TogetherIQ, North America’s leading source for relevant insights and actionable connections in the retail, healthcare and hospitality industries, today announces recognition from the Culture Assessment Society of Comparably workplace for its outstanding company culture and leadership. Comparatively, EnsembleIQ named EnsembleIQ “Best Workplace in Chicago” based on a survey of company employees.

According to the Comparably survey, EnsembleIQ received “A” level ratings for its business leadership, office culture, and overall team. Analysis of the survey revealed that 95% of employees look forward to interacting with their colleagues; 81% say they are satisfied with their work-life balance; 95% are proud to be part of the company; and many employees generally receive constructive criticism or positive feedback each week.

Similarly, awards are derived from sentiment scores provided anonymously by employees about their workplace, and winners are determined based on 20 core cultural metrics – ranging from work-life balance and environment to compensation and career growth.

EnsembleIQ CEO Jennifer Litterick said, “This research clearly shows that EnsembleIQ employees value our positive culture and strong company values. Our people are the foundation of our business, and I’m proud to partner with them as we drive growth by providing actionable business intelligence and connections to professionals and solution providers in the retail, health and hospitality.

Over the past few years, EnsembleIQ’s management has transformed the organization into a North American business intelligence company. This has included rebuilding the company’s leadership team to include finance, personnel, operations, and content and communications executives – all with a particular focus on innovation. The company has also created a culture based on performance; recruited high performing employees from diverse backgrounds with high levels of information services, technology and emotional intelligence; boosted morale with new People programs that help connect employees with each other; and provided strong leadership development programs and advice on diversity, equity and inclusion. All of these factors contributed significantly to employee ratings, resulting in the comparably honoring EnsembleIQ as “Best Workplace in Chicago.”

“Organizational culture starts at the top,” said Jason Nazar, CEO of Comparably. “Based on feedback from EnsembleIQ employees, they believe their CEO is an amazing leader who creates a great work culture.”

EnsembleIQ, headquartered in Chicago, also operates from a Toronto office and includes team members working remotely in the United States and Canada. View vacancies at EnsembleIQ here.

To learn more about EnsembleIQ, visit: ensembleiq.com. Stay connected with EnsembleIQ on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About EnsembleIQ
EnsembleIQ is a North American business intelligence company that delivers relevant insights and actionable connections. Using our market expertise across the buying journey in retail, retail technology, consumer goods, healthcare and hospitality, we help professionals make informed business decisions and to gain a competitive advantage. We deliver creative solutions that connect suppliers and service providers to our business development communities. Through our diverse capabilities, we provide our markets with unparalleled digital, social, events, research, marketing and strategic printing services. To learn more about EnsembleIQ, visit ensembleiq.com.

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