Does artificial intelligence improve corporate culture?

Most organizations that use artificial intelligence (AI) have reported improvements in their corporate culture.

I find that companies often see technology in light of the yardstick. Of course, metrics are important. However, the benefits of scalable AI may not translate into dollars 100% of the time. The best technology makes a transformational difference for real people.

The corporate culture is the one that is close to my heart. I have worked in cultures where I would have done just about anything that was asked of me. These cultures are built on the feeling of being valued, inspired and recognized. Of course, we all know what it feels like to be the opposite of that, which is why I was fascinated by BCG’s article titled “The Hidden Cultural Benefits of AI.”


Get ready to explore the impact of AI in new ways. This article covers an area I haven’t seen elsewhere and dives into some interesting statistics on the impact of AI:

  • Team Morale

  • Collaboration

  • Clarity of roles

  • Collective learning

In fact, 97% of companies surveyed report an improvement in at least one cultural benefit. This is amazing given that culture is one of the main reasons people stay in – or leave – an organization.

It makes sense.


AI improves efficiency and decision-making. The more clarity we have, the more space we have to create, innovate, and work with others to achieve big goals.

The article explores something else that I hope more people in tech consider: the relationship between technology and people. We’re not talking about moving people or AI against users. They are not mutually exclusive. If AI was part of the organizational fabric, the outcome can have a strong influence on the bottom line. . .

  • When AI helps an organization be more competitive, employees feel the energy of being part of a winning team.

  • When AI improves an organization’s business processes, team morale goes up.

  • When AI strengthens corporate culture, it is more resilient.

What do you think? How do you see the immeasurable benefits of AI?