Different types of bicycle tire grips and where they can be used

Today’s tires are not the same as 50 years ago. Bike owners should gear up with the different tire grips for the best experience. Read ahead while we discuss bicycle tire grips!

If you are a first-time motorcycle buyer, you might not know that bicycle tires come with different grips. Also, manufacturers differentiate between types of bicycle tires based on grip. You may be wondering if it is necessary to have different grips for bicycle tires.

Bike tire grips are essential because they provide traction to the vehicle. The truth is, each type of bicycle tire grip serves a different purpose. These grips enhance your riding and riding experience in multiple circumstances. Read ahead to explore and learn the purpose of the different bike tire grip/tread designs!


Dual sport/all-terrain tires

Off-road tires are among the most commonly used tires due to various characteristics. Dual sport adventure bikes like the Honda Africa Twin, KTM 1290 Super Adventure and many other bikes are equipped with this tire. These tires belong to 30% on-road and 70% off-road categories. They have a distinct lug tread with deep grooves and more giant blocks on the tread. They are intended for road use.

Touring/Cruiser tires

As the name suggests, these tires are best suited for cruisers and heavy motorcycles. These tires provide enough traction for wet road conditions and have better mileage. They feature a rigid side wall to cope with heavy loads. Their rugged construction and deeper tread depths contribute to minor wear.


Performance/hypersport tires

These tires are made for high performance street bikes. Typically, Hyper-Sport tires are lightweight and offer immense handling. You will notice firm edge-to-edge grip from the hyper-sport bike tires. These tires have a pronounced center for smoother deep turns and easy transitions.

Sport Touring Tires

Sport touring tires are a combination of touring tires and performance tires. They have a design that provides maximum mileage and traction. Sports bikes and naked bikes like Yamaha FZ and BMW 1200RT are equipped with this grip. They use tough construction compounds for a stable ride. In addition, the rubber on the sides provides better grip when cornering.


off-road tires

Trust no one but all-terrain tires when dealing with unpaved terrain such as gravel, sand, dirt or mud. They are designed with deeper treads to provide improved traction. Their deep, chunky tread patterns allow for maximum grip on loose surfaces. The reinforced sidewalls considerably minimize the risk of punctures.

Competition/Racing Tires

Racing tires are for tracks, not city streets. These tires are designed to withstand high temperatures due to the heat and friction caused by high-speed racing. The tread design of these tires has a smooth shape to maintain maximum contact with the surface. Due to the soft rubber used, these grips wear out quite quickly.



We hope this article helps you understand the purposes of different bike tire grips and choose the right one for you!

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