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Wynne Business, founded in 1998, specializes in the creation, growth and development of spas, salons, wellness centers, hotel spas, fitness centers and other related businesses. beauty and health.

How we work
We engage with clients on targeted issues such as creative compensation plans, increasing sales through menu engineering and sales and retail training, onboarding management staff or l assessment of the feasibility of a business plan, as well as overall performance evaluations. We work with clients of all shapes and sizes, from small owner-operated day spas to global multi-unit brands. We are pragmatic and seasoned professionals who are passionate about integrating world-class customer experience with optimal revenue generation.

Main products and services
Advice and audit of commercial performance

Whether you are a spa, salon, wellness center, medical practice, restaurant or independent retailer, we can help you improve your sales, profitability, customer loyalty and customer engagement. employees.

Specialties include:

■ Mystery shopping and sales flow analysis that gives you powerful insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your customer journey and identifies costly gaps in your sales flow.
■ Performance Optimization Program: A personalized, on-site, two-day rapid results program that includes both assessment and staff training elements to boost business performance.
■ Leadership Development: Weekly or monthly coaching calls, our intensive live spa manager management courses, as well as our variety of self-paced online programs, can help your frontline and management teams develop their leadership skills.
■ Education: spa management and staff training
■ Spa Directors Management Intensive live: Our acclaimed three-day live program provides participants with a clear understanding of the conditions necessary for business success.
■ Spa Manager Management Intensive Online: This twelve-module online on-demand course addresses and expands on our live seminar content, with regularly updated and timely material. Active students also participate in a facilitated monthly coaching call.
■ Wynne Business also offers courses, training and seminars on a wide range of current spa management and development topics, which can be customized.
■ Coaching and Brand Consulting: Whether your sales team needs to better understand the challenges of their target customers, or you want a fresh perspective for a sales or customer training meeting, we can help and we’ll tailor the content your needs with live and online events.

Where in the world?
Wherever we are needed!

What customers say

“Thanks to Lisa’s training and development, our team was better prepared to welcome our guests and found the information provided extremely useful. Lisa was inspiring and motivating, and as a result, team morale was high at the start and they were excited to be part of a great new adventure Technicians understood their role in building relationships with customers while keeping an eye on sales results Front desk learned the importance of their role as as the first and last point of contact for the customer experience. Overall, Lisa’s training has given my team the confidence to do their job with the utmost confidence.”

– Alison Abbott, Vi La Vita SPA, Vintners Inn

Wynne Business Consulting and Education: news from

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