Company culture at stake with the remote workforce

Remote worker safety is a top concern for executives, but other workplace issues are bigger challenges, research finds.

In a 2021 report, “The CEO-CHRO Partnership,” 67% of 243 CEOs surveyed and 62% of 406 HR directors surveyed agreed that maintaining corporate culture is a top challenge posed by
remote work.

The report, produced by the Chief Executive Group and the Society for Human Resource Management, says 35% of CEOs and 39% of CHROs place work-from-home arrangements as a top concern (see chart).

It’s significant that more than a third of executives see employees’ work-from-home arrangements as a major issue, said Liz Petersen, San Diego-based quality manager at SHRM’s knowledge center.

“The ergonomic piece is part of the puzzle, and it’s difficult,” she said.

Keeping remote workers safe is the responsibility of the employer’s ergonomics manager, and human resources must provide employees with the best practices that will keep them healthy,
Mrs. Petersen said.

“Additionally, HR and Risk Management will work together to ensure there is communication, training and resources,”
she added.