Coatings World Company Profile: Siltech Corp.

Siltech is a family owned and operated business. As such, we are very quick to respond and have exceptional customer service.

Much of our business has been developed client by client, project by project.

The owners of Siltech are smart and decent, so working for Siltech feels like part of a family. This aura translates into exceptional employee attitudes that are felt by our customers whom we treat as partners.

Siltech is headquartered on the east side of Toronto at the original Siltech site. This site hosts R&D and manufacturing as well as management.

Ten years ago, we bought a plant in Mississauga, in the western part of the Greater Toronto Area. Siltech bought this site keeping the employees and thus doubling our workforce to around 90 people and tripling our capacity. Since then we have grown to 175 employees, particularly expanding this Mississauga site along the way.

This year, we built a brand new lab there and moved a large portion of our R&D labs to this larger site while continuing to develop and upgrade other assets.

Cutting-edge manufacturing, R&D and Q&A are the hallmarks of these ISO 9001: 2015 certified sites. The manufacturing limitations we have identified are targets for future upgrades and expansions.

The Toronto site manufactures on a smaller scale, with larger volumes moving to the Mississauga site, effectively making it the scale-up facility.

The processes and equipment are designed in such a way that production can move easily from one facility to another, giving our customers the opportunity to grow their business and have the security of the supply chain. procurement with Siltech.

From a technological point of view, Siltech focuses on organo-modified silicones. These specialty products are synthesized from silicones and organic inputs that react to form hybrid polymers with varying properties.

This chemistry is ubiquitous and in almost all markets. For example, these are used in personal care to stabilize formulas and provide feel and conditioning; Polyurethane foam for cell stabilization; Pulps and papers for controlling foam and modifying surface tension; and modification of polymers for flexibility, haptic properties and impact resistance.

In coatings, as additives, these are noted for providing flow and leveling, anti-crater, slippage, stabilization and protection to many inks, coatings and paints.

As polymer modifiers, at higher use levels, these provide flexibility and impact resistance to the final film.

How has the pandemic affected Siltech’s business and what steps have you taken to mitigate the negative impact?

Siltech has been very lucky during the pandemic. As manufacturers of chemicals, we were seen as an essential business and have remained open throughout.

We immediately implemented Health Canada’s guidelines for employee distancing and hygiene protocols.

While there were employees at risk and a small number who contracted the virus, safety protocols have done their part and those affected are doing well today.

Commercially, Siltech products are used in so many different applications that we have weathered the storm with moderate growth in 2020.

Some of our customers / markets were down sharply in volume but others were up. The Herculean efforts of our workers have enabled us to meet all of our customers’ needs throughout the year.

In recent months, we have faced more shipping delays and raw material supply issues. We advise clients to plan further to combat these realities.

We tend not to push new product introductions to market as much as others do, instead we work closely with customers to create personalized solutions and competitive advantage.

We offer our Silmer TMS products which are trialkoxy silane modified silicones.

These unique polymer silane / silicone hybrids improve water repellency, stain protection, adhesion and feel to many systems.

There seems to be a particularly strong synergistic action with these and our Siltech film-forming emulsions.

In addition, we have new products in our Silmer OH ACR UV reactive product lines, Silmer OHT and Siltech brand coating additives.

Please check our website for the latest literature and product offerings.

Our family of film-forming emulsions, led by Siltech E-2150, are used in roofing and concrete coatings for water repellency. In addition, our Siltech E-4465 gum dispersions series are used in leather and industrial coatings for added softness.
and protection.

With the amazing people who work at Siltech, the flat organization led by an excellent management team and capabilities already in place; yes, the future is exciting.

We are starting to think about expansions because we can see our mid-term forecast filling our existing capacity.

We never want to have to allocate assets, so we plan to grow in the short to medium term.

Come partner with us and see for yourself.