China Classification Society’s New Ore Carrier Structure Rule Passed Examination

On July 14-15, 2022, the 3rd special meeting of the China Classification Society (CCS) Technical Commission Structure Subcommittee in 2022 was held online, according to the statement from the CCS. At the meeting, the new Ore Carrier Structure Rule developed by CCS was reviewed and approved. More than 50 sub-committee members and expert representatives from shipping companies, design institutes, shipyards, higher education institutions, institutes and CCS attended the meeting.

In the meeting, 10 special reports were detailed on the spot, including rule content, key technologies, large-scale serial ship verification and analysis, security allocation analysis and recommendations on the implementation of the rule. The experts in the meeting, based on the actual working conditions, seriously discussed and examined the new rule and the technological background.

They agreed that the new rule has enforceable content, comprehensive verification, accurate and specific technology background analysis, and operability. At the meeting, the CCS ore carrier structure rule was considered the first ore carrier structure rule developed based on the International Maritime Organization (IMO) GBS method. This is another important rule which follows the rule on the structure of container ships and has a positive significance for the transformation and long-term development of the CCS rule and the standard system.

It was agreed that the new rule would pass the review at the meeting and it was suggested that its trial version be released as soon as possible. In addition, during the meeting, it was suggested that CCS should develop special efficient and user-friendly associated software as soon as possible to meet the trial and use demand of customers, and that CCS should set up special teams to carry out the promotion and technology recommendations and introductions for the new rule, and cooperate with design companies and shipyards to implement the approval and joint development of relevant ship types.