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  • The best weapon variants in Cult of the Lamb

While amassing a cult is the name of the game in Worship of the LambPlayers will spend a lot of time slashing or crushing enemies during Crusades, so knowing which weapons are the best can be very helpful. Worship of the Lamb is an action-adventure roguelike developed by Massive Monster and published by the same company that brought us Hotline Miami, Digital Devolver. In the game, players take on the role of a recently sacrificed lamb who makes a deal with a mysterious and disturbing entity that brings him to life for a price. Players will have to create a cult in his name by going on crusades to find and convert followers while building and managing a base dedicated to the cult of the Worship of the Lamb and He who waits.


At the beginning of Worship of the Lamb, players will receive a base sword, one of five weapon types available in the game: swords, daggers, axes, gauntlets, and hammers. These weapons mostly vary in damage dealt, speed, and range. As players progress through the game, they will begin to find other types and can also upgrade them to give them unique attributes that can complement a player’s style. Players can find weapons during the Crusades by following the nodes depicting a sword and will be able to upgrade them in Worship of the Lamb and unlock new variants through the Faith tree at their base.

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Worship of the Lamb offers players six unique attributes that will give weapons additional advantages. Bane, for example, will give weapons a chance to poison enemies, while Merciless will give a chance to critically hit. A vampiric weapon sometimes heals the player when they kill an enemy, while the necromantic can summon an allied ghost from their corpse instead. The Zealous attribute will allow players to gain Divine Inspiration each time they collect Fervor in battle, and Godly will greatly increase overall weapon damage, making them extremely strong in the cute and spooky game. Worship of the Lamb.

The best weapon variants in Cult of the Lamb

According Gamer and Techraptorthe best types of weapons in Worship of the Lamb will vary greatly based on player preference, the type of attribute it is paired with, and the type of enemies players face. For example, necromantic weapons can be very powerful against multiple enemies, but if players are having trouble killing a single boss, this attribute won’t add much value in combat. Instead, they might want to stick with something like Ruthless Daggers, since they have much higher single-target DPS potential.

It is important to note that the Zealous and Godly variants are very high level and will generally outperform the competition. With that in mind, among the other attributes, these are the ones that pair best with each weapon in the cute and creepy Worship of the Lamb:

  • Daggers deal the least damage but are the fastest weapon Worship of the Lambmaking it a great candidate for on-hit effects-focused buffs like Merciless or Blight.
  • swords are the most balanced weapons in the game, and as such, they pair well with just about any attribute players pick up.
  • Axes are a bit slower than swords but deal more damage and have excellent range. While having Ruthless on an ax isn’t unpleasant, as it will deal massive damage every time players land a critical hit, the weapon is slow enough to gain more value from upgrades in Worship of the Lamb that trigger on a kill, like Vampiric or Necromantic.
  • hammers are the opposite of daggers, as they are the slowest in the game but also hit the hardest. Also, the flail should pretty much be avoided, as it adds the least amount of value. Finally, while Merciless might generate some fun damage, it would often be wasted, as a crit would massively overkill most mobs. For these reasons, the Hammer, like the Axe, pairs best with kill-trigger effects, like Vampiric and Necromantic.
  • Gauntlets are similar to daggers but will deal more damage the longer the combo lasts. This makes this weapon extremely powerful in the hands of experienced players. Although like Daggers it works very well with Bane, Merciless is the superior variant as the ability to increase damage through combos will extend to critical hits, making it one of the best DPS weapons. higher indie “evil” roguelike, Worship of the Lamb.

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