Avallone Redefines Exceptional Company Culture

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK /ACCESSWIRE/January 27, 2022/ Avalon is on a mission to solve one of the toughest and most complex problems facing large corporations and financial firms: how to successfully manage the massive amounts of complex workflows involved in Know Your Customer (KYC) requests. and maintaining the extensive documentation systems needed to run a business with hundreds of legal entities and subsidiaries.

After a successful launch in 2020, the Copenhagen-based SaaS company has grown rapidly to serve businesses across Europe. Avallone’s software enables companies to efficiently collect, store, structure and share the latest corporate information, including automatically generated visualizations for legal entity diagrams, with banks and other third parties such as law firms, auditors and suppliers. And do so while ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and the continued security of sensitive information.

Achieving these lofty goals requires experience and technical expertise, and the founders of Avalon have developed another way to maximize their company’s potential: to create a workplace with core values ​​that inspire talented people to do their best at work.

Despite their early stage, Avalon combines considerable industry experience and wisdom – essential qualities to guide them in thoroughly defining and assessing their values. By combining lessons learned from previous startups and corporate roles, founders display an unwavering commitment to culture – creating an environment where they hire the right people and foster growth within their team.

“Half the goal is to build a product, the platform, and a successful business,” said Avallone CEO Anders M. Jørgensen. “But the other half is building a tribe of exceptional individuals who truly enjoy being together. Our teams are talented and professional, and you can learn a lot from them. We’re blending all of our experiences, good and bad, to create a startup that can be nimble and make quick decisions. But we also include a lot of the discipline and structure of big companies. We’re trying to build a more mature startup.

The culture at Avalon exhibits high levels of focus and commitment. Everyone’s dedication to the company’s mission facilitates decision-making, knowing that everyone is being pushed towards the same outcome.

“Sometimes you have to make bold moves. Sometimes thinking too small is a lot riskier than thinking too big in a startup,” said Avallone CTO Martin Albertsen. When it’s time to take bold action, they discuss it as a team and back up their reasons with facts and logic, always remaining transparent and focused on their goals as a business.

Because at Avalon, each member of the team does more than just work towards a goal. They own the business itself.

“Everyone who works with us each has a stake in Avallone,” Jørgensen said. “Take a scenario if we were to sell the company one day. If a group of investors and the founders were to make a big profit out of it, of course, that’s a good thing. But it’s an even bigger pleasure if we can see that all the people who were with us during the trip and who had risked something with us from the beginning were also rewarded.

And for the team, the greatest reward and honor is to fulfill its mission for business every day. They solve complex problems, which requires experience, knowledge and commitment. The culture that Avalon embodies has created an environment in which they can achieve important goals.

“It’s a feeling that everyone is engaged,” Albertsen said. “Everyone helps each other and tries to achieve what we want to achieve.”

About the Founders

Avalon was founded by Anders M. Jørgensen, Martin Albertsen and Thomas Helms.

Anders M. Jørgensen, CEO, has a strong background in commercial banking and extensive experience in compliance and financial crime prevention.

Martin Albertsen, CTO, is a passionate technologist with strong product flair and deep SaaS experience in compliance.

Thomas Helms, former chairman, has extensive startup experience — having served as a corporate vice president — as well as an entrepreneurial technology executive at McKinsey.

To learn more about Avallone and request a demo, visit www.avallone.io.

Company Name: Avalon
Contact: Anders M. Jorgensen
Address: Dampfærgevej 27-29, 5th floor, Copenhagen Ø, Denmark 2100
Phone number: +45 30544644
Website link: https://avallone.io/


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