8 Types of Shrimp and How to Eat Them

Native to Australian waters, school prawns (scientifically known as Metapenaeus macleayi) are a must-have shrimp variety (via Australian Fish Stock Reports). Although the scientific name is quite a tongue twister, their common name is associated with groups of them. Besides being called school shrimp, Sydney Fish Market notes that depending on where they are caught, these aquatic animals are also referred to as NSW School Prawns (from New South Wales, Australia), Shiny Stockton Prawns, York Prawns, White River Prawns, Bay Prawns, schoolie and river shrimp.

In terms of flavor, Sea-Ex note that school shrimp are generally sweeter than other types of shrimp, so you should avoid cooking them with strong spices to bring out the flavor. Grilled, pan-fried or fried, either way, you’ll be licking them off your plate. You can eat these delicious seafood with or without shells depending on the level of crispiness you prefer.

In their raw form, these crustaceans have a characteristic olive-green color that changes to pink-streaked white flesh when cooked. If you buy precooked school shrimp, make sure you don’t overcook them or you’ll end up with a rubbery disaster.