3 ways to create a healthy company culture with a fully remote team

Building a cohesive, strong and healthy corporate culture presents its challenges in environments where people work face-to-face. With the 2020 Pandemic, this has caused us to question our business structures by adapting to a remote work team dynamic. With remote work being the new norm, leaders around the world are facing new challenges when it comes to maintaining corporate culture. However, when these challenges are met, leaders and their teams typically experience a thriving corporate culture where productivity improves, innovation flourishes, and customer satisfaction rises very quickly.

Here are three tips for developing a healthy company culture within an all-remote team:

Embrace the goals of each team member, both personally and professionally

Recognizing the personal aspect of your team members will only contribute to the success of a remote work team. For example, you are now exposed to the personal lives of your team members by seeing their living spaces, family members, and even their pets. The “new normal” is to sometimes hear a school bus passing by or a dog barking during a virtual meeting. Rather than being frustrated by some of these distractions, acknowledge them and embrace them. This will demonstrate the dynamic human aspect of the team, and you as the leader.

Create a foundation of trust and safety at work

Remote work teams don’t always necessarily work the traditional 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. hours, as some of us may be used to. Remote teams should be given respect and recognition that they are able to work the hours necessary to achieve their goals and deliverables. I can attest to this since I myself have moved into a remote work environment. While my hours don’t always fall within the typical 8am-5pm time window, I find myself getting more done each day due to fewer distractions, which makes it easier to focus and be more productive.

As a leader, it is up to us to demonstrate that there is trust and security by operating in the capacity that is needed. While accepting that there are sometimes challenges due to a remote working environment, it is important to also accept the huge result that your team is capable of achieving with the right remote team dynamics.

Share business wins

Sharing the company’s gains doesn’t always imply huge gains like a 300% increase in revenue. A company’s gains may be limited to achieving a project goal, finding a new client, or finding something innovative that will have a positive impact on the business.

Sharing victories with our teams positively motivates everyone, shows that we are focused on motivating and inspiring our teams, and provides a forum for additional communication opportunities.

Written by Christina DiArcangelo.
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