It looks like NJ Senate Speaker Steve Sweeney has lost


In a potential electoral shock… The powerful President of the New Jersey Senate, Steve Sweeney, appears to be heading for electoral defeat in District 3, at the hands of a relatively unknown Republican, Edward Durr.

It would be one of the biggest upheavals in New Jersey electoral history.

Sweeney’s two outgoing vice-presidents lost their seats.

Late last night it looked like Sweeney might survive… however, there appears to have been a board error. Turns out Sweeney wasn’t up 3,000 votes… he was down 2,000, with very few votes to count.

I first learned about this situation from a talented political reporter named Matt Friedman, who wrote the following:

Then we learned this:

Sweeney has been very good to South Jersey and Atlantic County and Atlantic City.

Sweeney has been a great friend of the Atlantic City casino industry. His potential absence will be deeply felt.

Putting political party labels aside, it would be a big loss for South Jersey to lose Sweeney.

The Senate Democrats are jostling each other at this hour. There are murmurs that if Sweeney loses his seat, Senator Paul Sarlo, D-36, could become the next president of the New Jersey State Senate.

There has been a terrible time this campaign season for Sweeney that has involved Atlantic County.

Very unusual for Sweeney, he played dirty politics and maneuvered politically to prevent Senator Vince Polistina from being sworn in and being able to properly serve Atlantic County and New Jersey.

It was so politically dirty that Sweeney had the District 2 Legislative Office phones removed and all of the constituent records.

Polistina wanted the keys to the office so he could go to work for voters, who need help with a myriad of things, including relief from COVID-19. He was refused.

We can announce this news. Polistina was finally to be sworn in tomorrow at 12:00 or 12:30. We have just confirmed that Polistina’s swearing-in for tomorrow has been canceled… no new date has been provided at this time.

Initially, Polistina was an appointed senator and Sweeney’s purely political actions were wrong and a low eyebrow raised.

Now Polistina has won the general election against New Jersey Congressman Vince Mazzeo. Polistina must be sworn in without delay. In fact, he had already taken the oath. Sweeney simply refuses to recognize Polistina as a senator.

Sweeney has been a friend for many years. Until these current hyper partisan and disturbing times, Sweeney would never have done a circus stunt like this in the past.

When Sweeney wasn’t looking and doing stupid stuff instead… it looks like he lost his seat… which will cause a huge power shift in Trenton.

Sweeney’s ouster is not good news for South Jersey. The north didn’t like having to meet South Jersey.

There is speculation that Governor Murphy could face internal (Democrats) retaliation for the loss of Sweeney.

Sweeney and Murphy don’t get along. It looks like they won’t have to work together anymore.

What we have now is an ironic ending, with Polistina winning big and Sweeney losing her seat.

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