Nancy Ajram and Ragheb Alama unite the world through the power of music at Expo 2020 Dubai


On the heels of Kadim Al Sahir’s triumphant opening performance for Expo 2020’s Infinite Night series, Arab pop queen Nancy Ajram and Arab superstar Ragheb Alama will connect fans around the world when they co-nurse. the second Infinite Nights show on November 12.

Ragheb Alama will bring the music of his 30-year career to life in a new and innovative performance that will highlight how music connects all humans, from all corners of the world, and encourage people across the world to connect and to engage in collaborative experimentation, in line with the Mobility sub-theme of the Expo.

Ragheb Alama said: “I want to mix cultures. I want their audience to hear me, and I want my audience to hear them. I’ve always loved opening doors, and Expo’s Infinite Night Series is the perfect platform to do that.

Singer, actress and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Nancy Ajram will perform her greatest hits in an unprecedented performance under the majestic dome of Al Wasl Plaza. Personifying the Expo 2020 sustainability sub-theme, her dazzling performance will celebrate life on Earth, highlighting the need to cherish and protect the beauty of the natural world.

Nancy Ajram said, “When we all work together and collaborate, we can learn to live in harmony with each other and with the world around us. I can’t wait to be a part of the incredible journey of Expo 2020 – I hope my show inspires positivity among young people around the world to cherish the world we live in.

Lubna Haroun, Vice President of Creators of Moments, Expo 2020 said, “We launched our celebrity series Infinite Nights in October and were amazed at the buzz it generated around the world. We look forward to welcoming our next superstars Nancy Ajram and Ragheb Alama to the spectacular Al Wasl Plaza, for what promises to be an evening of fun to remember.

A dazzling roster of global and regional artists headline the six-month Infinite Nights series, starting with “Caesar of Arabia” Kadim Al Sahir. Immersing fans everywhere, both physically and virtually, shows will be broadcast live from the spectacular Al Wasl Plaza, the beating heart of Expo 2020 and home to the largest 360-degree projection area in the world.

Exhibition ticket holders wishing to attend Nancy Ajram and Ragheb Alama’s Infinite Nights show are advised to arrive early. Visitors will also be able to soak up the electric atmosphere and watch the show on large outdoor screens at the Expo Millennium Amphitheater and Jubilee Park.

Various TV channels, including MBC 4, will broadcast the show live, which will also be broadcast live on, TV Expo on YouTube, Expo 2020 Facebook page, SHAHID and Oculus VR (Virtual Reality).

Expo 2020 brings the world together until March 31, 2022 for a once-in-a-lifetime event where music acts as both a driving force and a connective one.

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