FSU Flying High Circus returns with the ‘Halloween Show Series’

Maddie Hammer backstage doing her own zombie pop makeup for the opening dance routine.

After a year of mostly distance training and no in-person performances due to COVID-19, Florida State University’s Flying High Circus will present a full series of performances with the annual “Halloween Show Series” from October 29-30. and from November 4 to 5. .

“Missing a full year of traditional training for our students was a disappointment for them,” said Chad Mathews, director of the Flying High Circus. “Just as we had to adapt in our daily life and make sacrifices, Circus FSU also did during this time. We are delighted to resume performance and look forward to the challenge. Our commitment to presenting a high quality performance that is safe for our performers remains our top priority. “

The “Halloween Show Series” takes place every October and provides students and the Tallahassee community with a unique and fun family home evening for all ages. The show features classic Halloween costumes from – pirates, dolls, ghosts and skeletons and the 12 act performance will feature Spanish Web, Balancing, Tight Thread, Adagio Quartet, Swing Trapeze and more.

“I hope people come to the show and remember how much they love live performances,” said Lauren Abel, a master’s student in theater studies who practices the flying trapeze, low throw and swing trapeze. “We want to give everyone a good show because we’ve been missing it for so long.”

Despite the lack of a full year of traditional training, participating students overcame several obstacles and, with the help of staff, implemented a strategic training program to maintain the program’s esteemed reputation.

Thirty returning students were trained over the summer for the annual fall performance schedule. After devoting all of its resources to rehearsals and training, the program was able to pick up where it left off and continue its long history of captivating audiences.

Any current FSU student interested in performing and producing behind the scenes is eligible to be part of the FSU Flying High Circus. The circus organizes auditions and accepts new students at the start of each fall semester. Performances are free for FSU students with FSU ID.

For tickets and more information, visit https://circus.fsu.edu/.

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