“I don’t have to do shoddy work just to pay for IMEs,” actor Pavan Malhotra says


In 2016, a retrospective of some of Pavan Malhotra’s most memorable films was screened in New Delhi. In his address to the audience, filmmaker Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, who was present on the occasion, said the biggest stars have four-five films in their prize pool that can truly be called memorable, but the retrospective showed six of the best. Malhotra films. , which didn’t even include two of his most popular films – Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Black Friday. “Imagine his work then, he told the audience,” Malhotra recalls, adding that even he never thought about those lines.

The actor believes it was because of God’s blessings that he was able to be a part of projects that allowed him to show off his acting prowess. From TV shows like Nukkad and Circus to films like Children of War, Road to Sangam, Black Friday, Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro, Brothers in Trouble and Bagh Bahadur among many others, Malhotra has always looked for a job that has brought her brought creative satisfaction. . “Even today I am working and will continue to work until I am in good physical shape. I don’t live in the glories of the past. I always say my photo might not be there in the industry collage, but I scored a dot in a corner and that corner is mine, ”he smiles.

Get your share

In a career spanning more than three decades, people have tried to portray the actor, but he has managed to avoid stereotypes. It wasn’t always easy as it involved saying no to a lot of work, which might have helped pay the bills but didn’t bring him the joy he was looking for. “I sat at home for six months to a year. Work would happen to me but I would refuse it. So I took these risks in my career, ”he recalls. For concern, friends and sympathizers would urge her to take on more work, but Malhotra’s heart was not there. “The joy is to do something different. We can only try, you leave rest to God ”, he philosopher.

Yes, he has been told repeatedly that he has not received his due or that he underestimates himself. “Everyone has the feeling at some point that they deserve more. Sometimes you see people who don’t even know their job well but have a lot of work, but it’s okay, ”he says. He is only thankful that he never had to ask for work until today. “From Nukkad until now, the work has fallen on my knees. I always feel like I’ll get what’s mine, ”he says.

For Malhotra, the biggest achievement is the respect he has garnered for his performances. “I need the money to pay my bills. I want to live a comfortable life, stay in good hotels when I travel, not have to ask for money in my old age, and have enough care if I get sick. But when I leave this world, people should think well of me. I don’t need bungalows to live. Bas kaam ki izzat honi chahiye (I just need respect for my work), ”he adds.

When work brings work

Malhotra had played the main role in Bagh Bahadur, a Bengali film by famous director Buddhadeb Dasgupta in 1989, which won the National Film Award for best feature film. Recalling the film special, which incidentally was also the first film to be screened during his retrospective in the capital, the actor says he would sit for hours to have his body painted like a tiger, then sit in the sun to dry it. “Later I would use kerosene to remove the paint and I would use thinner on my face, I would bathe, but even then the smell of kerosene persisted. I had to learn to dance and it was physically difficult but it was worth it, ”he adds.

It is his performance in films such as Bagh Bahadur and Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro that has landed him roles in films such as Brothers in Trouble, Black Friday and Road to Sangam, among others. “When your job brings you more work, that’s the biggest compliment,” he believes. Dasgupta, who sadly passed away earlier this year, had also attended his retrospective in Delhi. “It was the last time we met. It was a very professional director-actor relationship and we hadn’t really been in touch after that, ”he shares.

Digital agendas

The actor, who made his digital debut with Grahan earlier this year, will now be seen in the upcoming thriller, Tabbar, on Sony Liv. Malhotra plays the patriarch of the family who goes to unimaginable efforts to protect her children. “There are so many nuances to this character and so much to do as an actor. I wouldn’t want to let any good role come my way, ”he laughs. The digital space, he thinks, has opened a new window for actors and technicians to tell stories they really want to tell, the way they want to tell them. “You can watch a show, pause it, watch it repeatedly. That’s the benefit it gave to the public, ”he says.

Its selection criteria for OTT projects remain the same. “I do projects that bring me joy. I have also received other offers in the past, but I told them no. I don’t take loans, so I don’t have to do bad jobs just to pay for IMEs, ”he concludes.

Posted on: Sunday, October 10, 2021, 7:00 a.m. IST

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