Robots, grizzly bears, life-size animal puppets and more are at Carolina Classic Fair 2021 | Arts & Theater


“We have a lot more roaming performances so that people move around the fair and don’t congregate and stay in one place for a long time,” said Siobhan Olson, spokesperson for the Carolina Classic Fair. “It’s all part of the COVID protocols. It helps to keep the crowds dispersed and all that stuff. “


Florida-based RoboCars Entertainment offers a range of vibrantly colored, life-size, and transformable robot vehicles that appear at fairs, festivals, car auctions and other events across the country. In addition to cars and trucks, the company owns tractors, motorcycles and police cars. Drew Beaumier, who makes the character costumes, and Jane Rooney, are co-owners of RoboCars Entertainment.

Rooney often surprises operators at events and takes videos and photos.

“I love to listen to the crowds and what people are saying,” she said. “They are of all ages. I mean, little, tiny, teenagers are going to charge towards them and squeeze their legs, to very old people in wheelchairs. They go upstairs and shake hands. The whole family seems to enjoy seeing them, which is lovely.

Rooney likes having great RoboCars operators.

At the Carolina Classic Fair, Jeremiah Trippett, who is 6ft 4in tall, wears the Yellow Jacket suit, and his brother, Thaddeus Trippett, who is 6ft 3in tall, wears the Big Red suit.

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