Explore the extreme circus industry with the TV series “The Real Greatest Showmen” which launches on the Vyre Network on October 5th.


LOS ANGELES, CA, October 5, 2021 / 24-7PressRelease / – A groundbreaking new TV series titled “The Real Greatest Showmen” will be released on the Vyre Network on October 5, 2021. Factual eight-part entertainment series reveals the public face and untold personal stories of the cast, crew and owners of one of today’s most respected companies; Extreme Circus.

This UK debut series, Yorkshire-based Make A Difference Films, is the result of the team living and traveling with the circus over a seven month period. The level of engagement revealed an unprecedented glimpse into circus life that has never been seen in such depth before.

Circus Extreme has agreed to allow unprecedented access to a world normally closed to media scrutiny. This narrated series is a documentary at its best, offering the viewer a front row seat and a behind-the-scenes look at the real life of real and greatest showmen in and out of the circus. Gone are the days of spit and sawdust, pets and the green village setup. Today’s Circus Extreme productions involve complicated logistics, a tour of 64 actors and crews with a marquee the size of a football field, and a small town to build for each new tour date.

The series was created by producer Tippy Watson. After seeing the spectacular productions created by Circus Extreme and meeting the dedicated cast, she discovered a world that she felt had often been twisted and where perceptions did not reflect reality. She explained, “When we first started traveling with Circus Extreme, we learned a lot, not only about the artists’ total dedication to their performance, rehearsing for hours every day before a show, but also about the number of cultures, of different religions and races. live together as one supportive family. We can all learn a lot from this harmonious and multiracial community, living in a ‘bubble’ and often whose lives literally depend on each other. “

Director Paul Barker added, “This company works without safety nets or wires, and throughout the series our nerves have been tested with every performance knowing that a slip could cost them their lives. Yet all say it’s in their blood, it’s the spectacle that gives them that sense of accomplishment in life. Their raison d’être is to challenge physical limits and push themselves far beyond their own limits, just to hear the roar of the crowd.

The distribution of the circus is diverse. There’s Mustafa Danguir, the stunning Moroccan wire-frame artist, who was raised by a priest in a children’s commune and now, having reached the peak of his career, the program sees him retrace his life in Spain. and the abandoned circus school where he originally trained. Her dream is to rebuild a circus school to help underprivileged children achieve their dreams and we see how her plans begin to unfold. We watch the romance unfold between a fifth generation British clown and a Ukrainian wire-frame artist, their subsequent marriage and the birth of their child, all of which occur on a move every two weeks! We see how the FMX riders were within a fraction of a second from a fatal fall during their spectacular somersaults. The series reveals the perfect performance and the accidents that can happen, albeit rarely.

While many countries now ban all animals from performing in circuses, artists strive to create a bigger spectacle and as a result, generations of performers risk their lives every day in the name of entertainment. The viewer is taken on a journey through ups and downs, through danger and exhilaration and at the end of the first series you are left filled with awe and disbelief at the deadly risks these artists take. every day for the price of your circus ticket.

The first season has already swept the table with twelve industry awards, including Vyre’s Best International Episodic Series, winner of the London Classic Film Festival, winner of the Vegas Movie Awards and officially shortlisted for the Cannes Mediterranean Film Festival. Filming for the second season has already started with new artists joining the original cast on their tour of England.

You can stream ‘The Real Greatest Showmen’, via Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, iPhone, Android, Smart TV, and any web device in 121 countries on the Vyre app today.

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