Circus calls for rookies as Ireland faces clown shortage


Circus calls for recruits as Ireland runs out of clowns.

David Duffy, co-owner of Duffy’s Circus, said the circus is reaching out to those in Ireland who “feel they can give it a go” as the Covid pandemic is causing a shortage of artists.

Many clowns returned to their home countries when the first lockdown went into effect in early 2020, Mr Duffy told the BBC’s Good Morning Ulster program.

With the return of Duffy’s Circus on tour after more than 500 days of closure, the family business is struggling to find recruits.

“Because all the circuses in Europe and England have been operational for six months, this huge pool of European artists is already back to work and until last week we couldn’t even get any visas issued for non-artists and artists in the EU, ”Duffy said.

“That’s why we try to reach out to all of our people back home who think they can give it a try.”

Clown abilities

To be a clown, Mr. Duffy says you have to be “really, really adaptable” and be able to think on your feet.

“When you walk into a circus track and 700 to 800 people are looking at you, whatever your mood, you have to light up that circus track,” he said.

“A clown can actually be the loneliest place because you are there alone and you have to be able to read your audience, within minutes you have to be able to relate to them and interact and feed on them. . “

Those unsure of their clowning abilities can also apply for jobs for truck drivers, billers, mechanics, electricians, and general circus agents.

Anyone interested can view Duffy’s tender here or send an email to [email protected]

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