Help the Bel Air cheerleaders travel to Orlando to participate in the parade


There is nothing more American than Thanksgiving and the parades that so many cities seem to have. You have the biggest of them happening in New York City, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, then our own amazing parade, the Sun Bowl Parade, but there are hundreds more across the country. Some local cheerleaders have been invited to perform at a Thanksgiving parade in Florida, but they need your help to make it happen.

I contacted the team and got this response about the opportunity to participate in the Orlando Parade:

Every summer, Bel Air Cheerleading attended a Universal Cheerleaders Association cheer camp. At the end of the camp, athletes are invited or selected to try for the honor of being an All-American. from this year’s camp, 16 of our teammates were awarded the All-American title! When an athlete is part of the UCA All-American, they are invited to perform at special events across the United States .4 of us decided to take the opportunity of a lifetime and perform at the DisneyWorld Thanksgiving Day 2021 Parade!
However, we have to raise our own funds to pay for our plane tickets, participation fees, meals, hotel, performance uniform, park entrance and personal items. With the support of our families, we have organized several fundraisers to ease the financial burden. We also created a GoFundMe account to help us get to Orlando.

In November, 4 Bel Air Cheerleaders will fly to Orlando; Danika Dominguez (freshman), Jacqueline Guardado (freshman), Alexa Vela (junior) and Ashley Mascorro (senior). We will be leaving on the Monday of Thanksgiving week, November 22, and returning on the Friday after Thanksgiving. We’ll be playing on Thanksgiving Day, November 26th at Disneyworld. We greatly appreciate all those who have supported us through the fundraisers we have organized over the past two weeks and those who have donated through our GoFundMe. We would like to thank El Paso for their continued support and we encourage them to support all students and their extracurricular activities. Our biggest supporters have been Coach Deloach, Coach Gonzalez, Coach Ramirez and Coach Martinez; as well as our parents and families; without them we would not be taking advantage of this opportunity and creating unforgettable memories!

Bel Air Cheer is the “heartbeat” of Bel Air High School, supporting all Highlanders and their academic, athletic and athletic achievements. We strive to represent El Paso in November with lots of Big Red Pride and make our city proud. Everything is helpful, verbal support is greatly appreciated and we are grateful for donations as well. ”

If you can help, please donate what you can. Here is the link to their Go Fund Me page. Our children have lost so much in closures and pandemic closures. It would be fantastic for them to be able to take advantage of opportunities like this.

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