how Daniel Craig became 007


Craig was summoned to the EON offices at Piccadilly Circus. “When I got the call it was really left field,” he told The Guardian in 2006. “As honored as I was, I wasn’t deeply enthusiastic.” (The apparent lack of enthusiasm was hard for Craig to change – stories called him a “reluctant leap.”)

Craig wouldn’t commit without seeing a script, which was still in the works at that time – written by Bond regulars Neal Purvis and Robert Wade and tweaked by Crash writer-director Paul Haggis.

Craig knew the scale of the role. “Refusing Bond could be a decision that will haunt you for the rest of your life,” he said. But Barbara Broccoli was smart enough to know that Daniel Craig wanted to be James Bond.

During the Munich production, Steven Spielberg – who had previously intended to make a Bond film himself – told Craig: “If the script is good and the agreement is good, do the job. . Craig received further encouragement from an unlikely ally when he found himself seated at the same table as Pierce Brosnan at the Baftas. “Go ahead,” Brosnan advised him. “It’s a trick.”

Craig wanted to dislike the script, but it was solid. He was convinced by one particular moment: when asked if he wanted his “Shaken orfused?” Vodka martini. Bond replies “Do I sound like I’m giving an f__?” (Tongue toned down for the finished movie.) “If that’s what you wanna do, I’m up for it,” Craig said of the Bond snap reversal.

Martin Campbell recalled that he was not very impressed with Craig’s screen test. Craig arrived from the United States, where he was directing The Invasion, a lukewarm update of Bodysnatchers with Nicole Kidman.

“He was exhausted when he arrived,” said Campbell. “He literally got off the plane and had to come for his test. I was not totally convinced. Barbara Broccoli remained Craig’s champion. “Barbara never wavered an inch,” said Martin Campbell. According to Broccoli herself, there was no one else for the role – although Sony kept trying to bring in other actors.

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