The Netflix documentary ‘Britney vs Spears’ premieres on Tuesday. This is what we know


The new Netflix special teases a “timeline of old and new players, secret dates,” texts, voicemail and interviews with “key players who make it clear what Britney herself has testified to: ‘story has yet to be told, “according to the official synopsis of the documentary.

Few details on the documentary have been released and no advanced screens have been made available. But last week, Netflix released a trailer that featured snippets of conversations about the singer, word of a “confidential report leaked” and an array of redacted pages. We also hear the interpreter in his own words, say “I have worked all my life.” I owe nothing to these people.

The documentary was directed by two-time Emmy nominee filmmaker Erin Lee Carr, whose work includes “How to Fix a Drug Scandal” and “In the Heart of Gold: Inside the American Gymnastics Scandal “. Journalist Jenny Eliscu, who is also the originator of the new documentary, is a Rolling Stone contributor and Sirius XM radio host.

“Britney vs. Spears” is just the latest in a series of documentaries about the singer, her controversial tutelage and the so-called “Free Britney” movement that has drawn attention to the artist’s ongoing legal battle. In February, The New York Times ran “Framing Britney Spears,” a documentary that first shed light on many details about the pop star’s struggle. The recent follow-up, “Controlling Britney Spears,” which The Times published on Friday, features more insider interviews talking about Britney’s life in guardianship. On Sunday night, CNN also aired “Toxic: Britney Spears’ Battle for Freedom”.

In an Instagram post, Britney Spears commented on the recent wave of documentaries about her, saying she was “deeply flattered” but also called the films “hypocritical”. “Do they criticize the media and then do the same?” she wrote in the post.

The “Circus” singer made a passionate statement in June, telling the court “I deserve to have a life” and throwing a series of startling accusations on the constraints of the guardianship. She alleged that she was forced to take certain medications and was unable to control when she was working, if she could get married and even if she could. renovate his kitchen.

Jamie Spears has denied acting other than in his daughter’s best interests and filed a petition earlier this month to end guardianship.

Judge Brenda Penny, who oversaw the case, is expected to approve the decision. A motion from Britney Spears’ attorney to remove Jamie Spears will be heard at Wednesday’s hearing. It’s unclear whether Britney’s remarks on Wednesday will be made public.

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