Your pleasure hurts: discover the dark side of animal circuses


Your pleasure hurts elephants

Elephants are very social animals that live in matriarchal herds, sharing maternal responsibilities for the babies of the herds. In the wild, they spend their days socializing, grazing on trees and shrubs, playing in mud and water, and exploring vast habitats. On tour with circuses, they spend the vast majority of their lives in chains, unable to take more than one step in any direction. Coaches use fear and pain to force them to perform. The exhibitor who supplies elephants to Loomis Bros. was repeatedly caught hitting elephants in the face and jaw with hooks.

Your pleasure hurts tigers Full PETA Ogilvy Honduras

Your pleasure hurts tigers

In their natural habitat, tigers are top predators that control large areas and raise their young. In circuses like Carden, they are locked in cages. They are whipped to force them to do tricks they do not understand. No matter how long they are in extreme confinement, tigers never lose their genetic impulses.

Your Pleasure Hurts Zebras Full PETA Ogilvy Honduras

Your pleasure hurts zebras

UniverSoul continues to force zebras to perform even though, as a prey species, being in close contact with humans – which they consider to be predators – is very stressful. Circuses put these sensitive animals in danger: Frightened zebras have escaped from UniverSoul and have crossed the city streets twice. Zebras that escaped from other circuses suffered fatal injuries. The crazy look on this scary clown’s face is what zebras must feel in circus arenas.

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