The Liverpool acrobat who wowed the judges of Britain’s Got Talent puts on a stunning new show at Palm House



A Liverpool acrobat who wowed the judges of Britain’s Got Talent has created a stunning new spectacle using the glass dome of Sefton Park Palm House as an aerial stage.

Paul Curran won a standing ovation and four up votes when he delivered a stunning performance with his acrobatic partner Katy Thompson in 2016.

The couple followed that up with the coveted golden Slovakia’s Got Talent buzzer and continued to tour the world with their incredible routine.

But Anfield-born Paul always dreamed of designing a special show for the city, and having performed there before, the Palm House was high on his wishlist.

When the lockdown meant touring for most live theater artists, he saw a chance to finally put it in place using some of the best local talent.

“I was playing with my other acrobatic partner Louise Dutton in China when the Coronavirus first hit there in early 2020,” he explains. “We walked out of the stage and were told the next show wasn’t going to be, to pack our things and wait at the hotel.

“We were supposed to do 60 shows over three months there, but in the end we did six, and then we were stuck in the hotel for about three weeks waiting for them to bring us home.

“When I got back to the UK, because of the virus, I suddenly had access to these most amazing, world-class artists here in Liverpool.

“Everyone was feeling a bit depressed and a lot of people were leaving the industry, so I figured that once we got over that, we’ll have to get everyone back to work and give them something for what they’re doing. lead.

“I’ve always wanted to put on my own show in Liverpool, I have a little notebook and write down my ideas and things that have inspired me for years, so now was the time to do it.”

The result is Ooh La La Cabaret which will take over the Palm House this week, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings.

The show will feature 10 different performers including a DJ, showcasing a spectacular range of circus and acrobatic skills, there will be showgirls at the door and a fiery performance when the audience arrives.

“We took inspiration from different traditional forms of entertainment like burlesque, cabaret, circus, drag, and we mixed it all with a modern twist,” says Paul. “There is a very sensual sexy side even if there is no nudity, everything is done with a lot of taste, we rather rely on professional talents of very high level.

“I don’t think anyone at Liverpool has ever put on something like this, there will be so many different specialty numbers.”

The performers rehearsed at the Airborne Academy, which is run by friends from Paul’s time as a gymnast and trampolinist.

He started at 13 to learn trampoline at the Anfield Youth Center next to the Vernon Sangster Sports Center, where the coach took him under his wing and let him help with lessons in exchange for free practice.

After representing England at home and abroad, he returned to JMU to study fine arts.

“When I graduated, a girl I was training on a trampoline told me she wanted to learn to dance, she was too embarrassed to go alone, so I said, ‘I love dancing, I will come with you ‘.

“I went to Millington Dance School in Bootle and I think because of my training in gymnastics I had a lot of skills that transferred. They asked me to enroll, I went to summer school and never left – a year later I was teaching for them!

“I realized that I liked to play, so I stopped competing as a trampolinist and started learning other disciplines of aerial, trapeze and dance and it all combined with playing with Katy. “

Katy is pregnant right now, so although she will be there at Ooh La La Cabaret to help her out, she can’t really get in the air or do any stunts, so Louise will be Paul’s partner in the show.

He says he can’t wait to see it all in such a beautiful setting.

“I feel so lucky to be able to do it in the Palm House because it’s such an amazing place and it’s the perfect structure for it. You can’t use a cherry picker inside because of the old Victorian doors, but there is a rotating ladder that goes around the building’s cast iron frame, allowing us to get up and rig a lot more easily.

“At night, with all the lights on, it’s going to be awesome. I have been to many shows around the world over the years and this one is some of the best.

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