DAVV doesn’t want the UTD campus to be a 3-ring circus


Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Though unwilling, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (DAVV) – the only A + accredited university in the state – is still under immense pressure from two ministers to give space to the Bhanwarkuan police station. and an aerial water tank on its UTD campus.

Among the duo is the Minister of Higher Education Mohan Yadav, who himself was to support the DAVV on the land issue. On behalf of the district administration, Yadav extended the offer to donate 40 acres of land elsewhere in exchange for space on the UTD campus. However, the university does not want this offer because it will transform its premises into a “three-track circus”.

To widen two left turns in Bhanwarkuan Square, the district administration needs to move the Lord Shiva temple and the police station to another location.

The closest place near the plaza is the UTD campus. Thus, the district administration approached the university authorities in search of space on its campus. Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC), too, submitted its request for space for the construction of an aerial water tank on the UTD campus. The VC had agreed to donate space for a Lord Shiva temple, but declined the request for land for a police station and a water tank.

For this, the district administration brought on the scene the Minister of Higher Education Yadav and the Minister of Water Resources Tulsiram Silawat. The duo of ministers, along with collector Manish Singh and City Commissioner Pratibha Pal, held a meeting with Vice Chancellor Professor Renu Jain and other DAVV officers. University officials have expressed reservations about granting space for a Bhanwarkuan police station and water tank. They were offered 40 acres of land in exchange for space on the UTD campus, but the university refused the offer anyway.

At this, Yadav and Silawat told the DAVV authorities that they had to accept the offer and cede the land to the police station and the water tank.

After the meeting, Yadav told Free Press that DAVV would get 40 acres of land for its expansion instead of the space it would give for a police station and a water tank.

When contacted, the DAVV authorities denied having commented on the matter. But they are sulking!

Is there something left that they don’t want?

“They want land on the UTD campus for the police station, temple and water tank. Is there something left that they don’t want college grounds for? The UTD campus is for educational purposes, not for building water tanks, shrines and police stations. DAVV should learn to say no. He shouldn’t give an inch of his land to anyone, ”said Dr Bharat Chhaparwal, former VC, DAVV.

Eyeing the earth for a while now

“The district administration has had its eyes on the university grounds for some time now. Following directives from the state government, the district administration had to cede 50 acres of land to DAVV in 2001 for the construction of a medical school. In 2012, the district administration repossessed half of the 50 acres and ceded it to other educational institutions. Now, for the remaining 25 acres, the district administration says DAVV’s term of ownership has run out. The district administration says it will renew the tenure and donate 15 acres to another location instead of space on the UTD campus. We rejected the offer, but we are forced to accept it, ”said a senior AVV officer.

We were just shocked!

“The UTD campus used to be a single block. For the construction of the ring road, we donated land at the request of the district administration, which led to the division of our campus into two parts. Now when we plan to expand we are told to give our campus space for a police station and water tank and to take place elsewhere for expansion. Why make our campus a three-track circus? Can’t a police station and a water tank be allocated space elsewhere? The DAVV had clearly refused to make room for the district administration, but they appealed to the ministers to put pressure on the university authorities. What shocked us even more was that the Minister of Higher Education, who was supposed to support the DAVV on the issue, was actually speaking on behalf of the other party! Said a senior professor, wishing to remain anonymous.

Posted on: Tuesday September 21, 2021, 1:16 am IST

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