Street artist tells the story of his stunning Sean Lock wall mural in Brighton

Sean Lock's mural has garnered a lot of attention
Sean Lock’s mural has garnered a lot of attention

Hugh Whitaker lives in Tonbridge Wells but travels to Brighton often to create his latest piece of street art.

When popular comedian Sean Lock, who had lived in Lewes since 2012, died of cancer last month, Hugh knew he wanted to honor him with a portrait.

Hugh said: “Sean Lock was a comedian I could really relate to. I’ve been watching him for years and he was someone I wanted to pay tribute to.

Hugh Whitaker created the Sean Lock mural while Brighton street artist Mick Mowgli painted one of the Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts.

Hugh hadn’t decided one day to do the mural, but when he found himself with a day off last Friday (September 10) his friend and colleague street artist Mick Mowgli from Brighton found a suitable wall , at Elder Place near Preston Circus.

Hugh, 25, who also goes by Humor, said he quickly found a photo of Sean to print, then drove into town and got to work.

He said: “I don’t have time for testing and I don’t use a grid like some artists, so I freestyle, working from print. I only used spray cans and decided to do it in black and white which is the easiest. It takes a lot of patience. “

While Hugh created his Sean Lock mural, Mick Mowgli painted one of the Rolling Stones’ Charlie Watts, also who died in August. It only took the pair a day to complete the fantastic murals.

Hugh Whitaker is also called Humor, which can be seen above his mural of Sean Lock in Brighton

Hugh said he knew his work might not stay on the wall for long, but he remembers it. He also enjoyed seeing photos of his mural on social media, including on a page with 3.5 million followers where it drew 400 comments.

Hugh said he had been a street artist for about five years and had painted a number of deceased celebrities including Captain Tom Moore and Caroline Flack.

He works full time as an artist and takes commissions and also works with schools to teach art to children. He is also keen to raise awareness of mental health support through his work.

As for his next piece of street art, he said it was top secret! We can’t wait to see it.

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