Guns N ‘Roses release “Absurd”, the first new song in 13 years: listen


Guns N ‘Roses, once a traveling circus of depravity and chaos, has grown into a reliable institution for stage rock tours in recent years. Since Slash and Duff McKagan joined Guns N ‘Roses in 2016, the group has hinted that they might release new music, even if they could keep playing their old hits in stadiums. Today, GN’R released their first new song in 13 years since their Chinese democracy the album is out. The new song is called “ABSUЯD” and the title is quite relevant.

“ABSUЯD” isn’t exactly a new song. Instead, it’s a reworked version of “Silkworms”, a song Guns N ‘Roses wrote during the Chinese democracy sessions. A previous iteration of the band played “Silkworms” at Rock In Rio in 2001, but it looks like they pulled it off their setlist soon after. Most recently, “Silkworms” returned on the GN’R live show as “ABSUЯD”. I’m pretty sure this is Guns N ‘Roses’ first studio recording with Slash and Duff McKagan since the band covered the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy For The Devil” on the Interview with a Vampire soundtrack in 1994. (We don’t have all the credits for “ABSUЯD”, so the song may not feature Slash or Duff. According to the YouTube description, Rose co-produced the track with Chinese democracy collaborator Caram Costanzo, and he features former member Brain on drums, so maybe it’s an old recording.

“ABSUЯD” is a pretty crazy song! It’s a rant, and Axl Rose froths furiously in a voice that feels like he’s trying to channel Johnny Rotten, at least until a short, pretty breakdown with a tiny bit of falsetto. The lyrics are adorned with rudeness: “Shout fucking banshee, you know that is what you are!” The pussy full of maggots, isn’t that absurd! It seems so fitting that the new and respectable Guns N ‘Roses really returns with a song where Axl is screaming about a pussy full of maggots. Find out below.

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