Opposition hits London’s next landmark: luminous orb almost at the height of Big Ben called ’90m tall joke’


It is feared that a huge giant concert hall 90 meters high, with 36 million lights outside to show advertisements, could be London‘s upcoming’ Marble Arch Mound ‘amid growing opposition.

The Madison Square Garden Company is trying to make their plan for the massive Half-Orb Pass building permit.

He wants it to be built on a former coach park near the Olympic Stadium in Stratford and says it will be a “state-of-the-art entertainment and music venue”.

A decision on whether to obtain a building permit from the London Legacy Development Corporation is still pending, but the concept has been rejected by neighbors.

They are worried about the massive additional footfall to the area and the idea of ​​showing advertising outside the building, in a style not unlike the futuristic Blade Runner films. A video mockup made by protesters suggests it could be disruptive.

An opponent of the proposals said: I am very concerned because this proposed building will be located right on my south side, outside my window. Why is there no model to assess the impact of the sun on the local community and no model to assess the LED light pollution caused and how this will negatively affect the health conditions of the inhabitants?

“There has to be some other way to bring economics to Stratford and certainly not this 90m tall joke.”

Another added: “Extreme light pollution and noise, especially at night, will cause serious damage to the health and well-being of residents.”

And another neighbor said: “What are the guarantees in terms of light pollution? The first thing my family will see each morning is the sphere. The last thing we will see at night is the sphere.

‘Both bedrooms and the living room have a double window which will open directly onto the’ sphere ‘. Any color on the sphere will bathe our apartment in that color.

The concert hall will have 36 million lights outside to show the commercials and what is happening inside the hall

Families are also concerned that the venue will dramatically increase attendance, which could lead to an increase in crime and anti-social behavior.

This photo from the planning document shows the scale of how the building will be constructed and the residents living near the site

TV presenter Maya Jama submitted an expensive video for the project, calling it “good news for music fans”

There is even an official campaign group called Stop MSG Sphere, made up of people living in Newham.

They say: “We are terrified of the prospect of the MSG sphere project which will seriously damage the region, cause noise and light pollution, unmanageable overcrowding and transport chaos in Stratford and Maryland.

“The proposed project site is as close as 250 feet to residential properties and is surrounded by densely residential buildings on 3 sides.”

Nearby train drivers also fear being blinded by the massive ball’s bright lights.

It comes just days after another gigantic, multi-million dollar London project, the Marble Arch Mound, was ransacked by London families.

The man-made hill was mutilated due to its poor execution, with many calling it a horror that marred the view.

But MSG says its venue will only strengthen the region and could accommodate up to 21,500 spectators and would be Britain’s largest concert hall by far.

He says its form would have a “fully programmable exterior that serves as a digital showcase for the venue, artists and partners”

Render of the MSG Sphere, a concert hall planned for Stratford, east London, when the exterior shows nothing

construction continues during a visit to the Madison Square Garden Sphere at the Venetian in Las Vegas earlier this month

An interior view as construction continues during a tour of the Madison Square Garden Sphere at the Venetian in Las Vegas o

A flashy online video made by them is hosted by TV star Maya Jama and features the place as “exciting news for music fans”.

In Las Vegas, one has already been cleared for planning permission and is almost built, with footage showing the scale of the project.

Its price of $ 1.66 billion (£ 1.15 billion) is expected to rise ahead of the opening due to rising costs.

The land in the London sphere has already been purchased by MSG with confidence to obtain a building permit.

At present, the concert hall with the largest capacity is the Manchester Arena, followed by the O2 Arena, formerly the Millennium Dome, with 20,000 seats.

The first proposals for the new site were revealed in 2018 and were supported by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and former Health Secretary Matt Hancock, in his former post as Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, media and sports.

Mr Khan said at the time: “From intimate and popular concert halls to spectacular arenas, London’s buzzing live music scene is world-renowned.

Supported the sphere: Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock and London Mayor Sadiq Khan praised plans for the venue

The Marble Arch Mound, a temporary installation commissioned by Westminster Council, has been ridiculed

“It’s great to welcome another world class venue to the capital, to confirm London’s position as a musical powerhouse and to further stimulate our city’s thriving nightlife economy.”

Mr Hancock said in 2018: “It is great news that world-renowned Madison Square Garden has chosen London to host its first international venue. It cements both the capital and the UK’s reputation as a leader. world of music and creative industries.

“This revolutionary arena in East London will not only create jobs, but will also help us continue to develop incredible artists, music and innovative technology that will provide fans with an incredible experience.”

Jayne McGivern, MSG’s executive vice president for development and construction, said his new plans showed he was listening to his neighbors.

She added: “Our updated plans for MSG Sphere provide more details on our proposal to create a state-of-the-art entertainment venue that will bring ground-breaking events, millions of pounds of investment to Newham and thousands of jobs in the East. London and the UK.

“Throughout the planning process, we listened to and followed feedback from the LLDC and the East London community.

“As a result, we have seen overwhelming support for MSG Sphere – a commissioned opinion poll of Newham residents showed that 85% of adults were supported and only 4% opposed it.”

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