Behind Leviwand’s shocking hearing from Ehrlich


Ehlrich Ocampo stunned the judges of America’s Got Talent with an act they had never seen before. Here is everything you need to know about your Leviwand.

Fans want to know more about Ehrlich Ocampo’s leviwand from America has talent. Ehrlich came to AGT and the judges did not know what his performance would consist of. He introduced himself saying he had given up everything to be an artist and came to the show with encouragement from his friends and family.

Ehrlich, also known as Firechill, came from the Philippines to audition. According to Ehrlichon Instagram he does magic, dance and acrobatics, and will perform with Circus Conelli in Zurich in 2022. In 2019, he presented the first issue of Leviwand at Cirque du Soleil, where another candidate America’s Got Talent Season 16 performed, and he brought his unique performing style to the World Circus Festival of Tomorrow.

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In addition to leviwand, he also spins poi balls, does somersaults and practices the aerial hoop. From 2020 he is teaching leviwand training courses for those interested in learning. He caused a sensation in the show and when the lights went out the AGT the judges were enthralled when Ehrlich unveiled his secret weapon.

What is Leviwand?

Ehlrich on AGT

The Leviwand was used as early as the 1800s. The official Leviwand dance website says it is often referred to as the “Dancing cane“and is described as “a versatile accessory that allows you to express yourself through movement while hypnotizing others with magic.” Its name is the abbreviation of “levitating wand“and although it appears to be floating next to the performer, it is in fact attached to a string operated by the performer’s hand. The device is a stick with a wire in the middle that is connected to the practitioner, this which makes Ehlrich look like an AGT magical act, rather than just a simple dancer. Experts say physics is what keeps him standing while he is being used, making him look like he is levitating.

Ehlrich’s Leviwand Experience

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Ehlrich has been practicing Leviwand since 2013. Ehlrich spoke about it on Instagram, calling it, “Love in the first stream. “He says his style has specific setups and precision movements, incorporating illusion, movement, dance and acrobatic techniques. He has demonstrated that he is able to balance it on one finger and even with the gadget on fire.

Ehlrich’s AGT hearing impresses judges

For his America has talent appearance, Ehlrich used both a wand and a light hoop. At the end of his hearing, the four judges were standing with AGT Judge Howie Mandel said to him, “You are an amazing friend. “ All of the judges agreed that they had never seen anything like his performance on the show, even Howie who has been judging since season 5. He got a yes from the entire jury, who called his act special, beautiful and flawless.

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With his training in multiple circus arts, no one can say whether Ehlrich’s leviwand will make a comeback or move on to something new the next time fans see him. Although it is on America has talent, he surely has a career ahead of him with his successes in the circus. One thing is certain; his extraordinary act gives America has talent viewers a good reason to connect.

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