Bath planning requests week ending July 18


Various planning requests were submitted to Bath and North East Somerset Council this week.

The list of applications received can be found below.

Planning requests received by Bath and North East Somerset Council last week include:

  • Discharge of conditions 5 (Electric vehicle charging points), 6 (Bicycle storage) and 19 (Water efficiency – Rainwater harvesting (Concern) of demand 20/01795 / FUL (Erection of eight houses with associated access and parking following the demolition of buildings and structures at 163-165 Rush Hill, Odd Down, Bath.
  • Rejection of conditions 8 (Sample and Panels – Walls) and 9 (LB mortar mix) of request 19/03998 / LBA (Proposal for conversion / Change in use of storage rooms / upper facilities to provide three apartments of one room with the ground floor retained for commercial use, as well as replacement / extension of rear three-story accommodation) at 11 London Street, Walcot, Bath.
  • Tree works at Ravenscroft, Sydney Road, Bathwick, Bath.
  • Internal and external modifications for the extension and repair of the roof of the first floor of the building, modifications and change of use of the current use of the suis generis vehicle workshop in offices (use class B1) at 29 Green Park Mews, Kingsmead, Bath.
  • Erection of an extension to an existing triple garage (Resoumission) at 8 The Elms, Lower Swainswick, Bath.
  • Tree works in Kingham, Summer Lane, Combe Down, Bath.
  • Repair and replace stone at capitals, repair and replace stone at balustrade, cordon and cornice, replace stone at column shafts, remove galvanized scaffold anchors from existing stone and repair at 6 Royal Crescent, City Center, Bath.
  • Tree works at 51 Englishcombe Lane, Southdown, Bath.
  • Tree works at King Edwards School, North Road, Bathwick, Bath.
  • Construction of the first floor side extension with adjustments to the facade of the ground floor structure below and new one story rear extension at Gort-na-crane, The Avenue, Combe Down, Bath.
  • Abandonment of condition 3 of application 17/03857 / LBA (Exterior modifications for the removal of paint from the pillars and entrance porch, repair of exposed stones, re-lettering of the designation of the house, repair of the lampposts existing glass lanterns and bowls and associated LED light source) at 11 Edward Street, Bathwick, Bath.
  • Enlargement of the existing dorma window on the rear elevation to form a bathroom and insertion of two velux windows on the front elevation at 13 Milton Avenue, Bear Flat, Bath.
  • Tree works in Caunterbury, Chaucer Road, Bear Flat, Bath.
  • Tree works at 21 Darlington Place, Bathwick, Bath.
  • Tree works at 2 Holland Road, Larkhall, Bath.
  • Erection of a single storey extension for a dining room with workspace and a bedroom at 33 Cranmore Place, Odd Down, Bath.
  • Construction of an independent garden office at 61 The Hollow, Southdown, Bath.
  • Tree works at 20 The Circus, City Center, Bath.

  • External alterations for the restoration and replacement, if necessary, of the capstone, chimney and west facing gable repointing wall at Park Farm House, Church Lane, Kelston, Bath.
  • Erection of a one-storey and two-storey extension to the rear of the building at 104 High Street, Bathford, Bath.
  • Exterior modifications for the installation of a new boiler and rear flue on the second floor, 18 Royal Crescent, City Center, Bath.
  • Removal of condition 5 (Opaque glazing and non-opening window (s) (Compliance)) from request 20/00155 / FUL (Change of use to convert a garage into a two-bedroom unit with an integrated garage) at the 31 Circus Place, City Center, Bath.
  • Waiver of Condition 4 of Request 20/00155 / FUL (Change of Use to Convert Garage to Two Bedroom Unit with Integrated Garage) at 31 Circus Place, City Center, Bath.
  • Addition of two skylights to the front elevation and addition of a utility room in the existing garage at 5 Hantone Hill, Bathampton, Bath.
  • Tree works in Tanglewood, Wells Road, Corston, Bath.
  • Erection of a one-storey rear extension at 3 The Elms, Lower Swainswick, Bath.
  • Condition 3 discharge (Construction Management Plan (pre-start)) of Request 19/00587 / FUL (Erection of one story rear extension and modifications to existing roof line) at 7 Primrose Hill , Upper Weston, Bath.
  • Erection of a one-story rear extension, conversion of an attic with side skylight and creation of a new off-street parking space at 79 The Hollow, Southdown, Bath.
  • Tree works at 17 The Linleys, Lower Weston, Bath.
  • Tree works in Ye Grange, High Street, Bathampton, Bath.
  • Tree works at 48 Cleveland Walk, Bathwick, Bath.
  • Disclaimer of Conditions 3 (Arboriculture – Compliance with Arb Method Statement (Pre-Occupancy), 7 (Flood Risk and Drainage – Infiltration Test (Pre-start) and 8 (Bat Mitigation Scheme – Compliance and post-completion report (custom trigger) of the application) 17/05620 / FUL (two-story replacement housing, construction of a new adjoining two-story house with basement and modifications to access vehicles) at 170 North Road, Combe Down, Bath.
  • Erection of a one-story rear infill extension at 21 Pera Place, Walcot, Bath.
  • Erection of a new dwelling on the land adjoining n ° 73 Poplar Close. The new two story unit will be a three bedroom unit with off road parking at 73 Poplar Close, Moorlands, Bath.
  • Clearance of conditions 2, 3, 4 and 5 of request 21/01759 / LBA (Interior and exterior work for the transformation of the carport into a closed garage and construction of a small bicycle room at the back; replacing the veranda with a piece of furniture of the same dimensions; removing the half-timbered wall to the bathroom on the first floor; replacing the modern kitchen lantern with a flat glass roof; and the color of the exterior carpentry should be gray dark) at 147 Church Road, Combe Down, Bath.
  • Erection of a side infill extension to already approved permissions 20/01493 / FUL and 20/01494 / LBA, and replacement of the southwest elevation of the concrete block with Bathstone rubble to match the Garden House , Shockerwick Farm Lane, Bathford, Bath.
  • Tree works at the communal forecourt, Bathwick Terrace, Bathwick Hill, Bathwick, Bath.
  • Extension of the bungalow to form a complete two storey dwelling with a two storey rear extension and detached garage at Orchard Lea, St Julian’s Road, Shoscombe, Bath.

  • Abandonment of condition 2 of the request 21/01003 / LBA (Exterior works for the repair of the guardrails at the front of the property (length approximately 8 m), including the replacement of the stone plinth and the removal guardrails and gate to allow a slight re-decoration, as well as stabilization of the basement steps, repair of about 2 m of defective ramp base on the right side of the steps and repainting of the ramp basement staircase) at 17 Bennett Street, City Center, Bath.
  • Tree works at 14 The Tyning, Widcombe, Bath.
  • Tree works at Bath Waterside Travelodge Hotel, Rossiter Road, Widcombe, Bath.
  • Discharge of condition 2 (Protection and enhancement of fauna) of application 20/00184 / FUL. (Erection of one-story cafe) at Bath City Farm, Kelston View, Whiteway, Bath.
  • Tree works at 135 Wells Road, Lyncombe, Bath.
  • Tree works at 10 Beaufort Place, Lambridge, Bath.
  • Proposed use of existing units at Milsom Place (10/43, 14/15, 16, 30 and 41A) as offices (Class E (g) (i)) following changes to the Classes Ordinance use which came into effect in September 2020 (Certificate of Legality for Proposed Use) at 43 Milsom Street, City Center, Bath.
  • Tree works in Staplehurst, Sion Hill, Lansdown, Bath.
  • Installation of a new boiler and flue at the rear on the second floor, 18 Royal Crescent, City Center, Bath.

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