Best Sports Movies For Kids And Families


Whether you are a born athlete or just love to watch a good baseball game, there is nothing like a good sports movie. Perhaps it is the relevant humor, the compelling characters, and the natural sense of competition that these films evoke. But if your kid is the star of their little league team, or just likes to watch from the side, they’ll surely enjoy watching one of these great sports movies.

On this list you’ll find those classic baseball and soccer movies that always seem to be family favorites. You know of the ones I’m talking about, like The blind side and Remember the titans? These films not only teach viewers important lessons about teamwork and sportsmanship, but they are also inspiring.

However, not all sports movies have to be inspirational. They can also be hilarious. Space jam is one of those nostalgic and fun sports movies worth watching for your child to be a part of the experience. Or the classic of Will Ferrel, Kicking and screaming, which speaks of an overly competitive little league football parent.

Get a taste of sports of all kinds with the following films. But beware: they might make you want to get out as soon as possible.


Air Bud

After meeting an abandoned Golden Retriever dog, a 12-year-old boy names him Buddy and discovers the dog has the uncanny ability to play basketball and be a star on the court.

Rental Air Bud, rated PG, for $ 3.80 le Amazon Prime Video.


The back of the net

An American woman looking to spend her summer in a science camp accidentally ends up in an Australian football camp, where she discovers a new talent and learns to fit in with the locals.

Flux The back of the net, rated TV-Y7, on Netflix.


The blind side

Oscar winner Sandra Bullock stars as Leigh Ann Tuohy, a woman who takes in homeless black teenager Michael Oher with nowhere to go. The Tuohys ultimately become Michael’s legal guardians, watching his rise to success in this heartfelt film. It’s important to note that the film is rated PG-13 for a scene involving brief references to violence and drugs, but Michael’s story is one audiences can resonate with.

Rental The blind side, rated PG-13, for $ 3.99 on YouTube Movies.



Get swept up in the world of competitive racing in Pixar’s animated racing car film Lightning McQueen en route to the big tournament that gets stuck in the tiny town of Radiator Springs. There he meets a number of interesting characters who help him remember his roots.

Flux Cars, noted G, the Disney +.


Cloud 9

Explore the world of competitive snowboarding in this original Disney Channel film about two unlikely friends who overcome their doubts to make their snowboarding dreams come true.

Flux Cloud 9, rated TV-G, on Disney +.


Double team

Heather and Heidi are twins who couldn’t be more different from each other. But when transferred to a competitive high school, they find themselves on the same basketball team and discover a new talent for the sport in this original Disney Channel film based on a true story.

Flux Double team, rated TV-G, on Disney +.


Eddie’s Million Dollar Kitchen

Eddie Ogden is a star baseball player with a knack for cooking. But when a big cooking competition takes place on the same day as his team’s big playoff game, he has to figure out how to juggle his two passions.

Flux Eddie’s Million Dollar Cookoff, rated TV-G, on Disney +.


Everyone’s hero

A 10-year-old baseball fan named Yankee is still the last person to be chosen for the team. But when Babe Ruth’s baseball bat is stolen, Yankee makes it his mission to find it and return it to his idol himself in this animated film set in the 1930s.

Flux Everyone’s hero, classified G, on Disney +.


The Express

A man, born into poverty, overcomes a number of obstacles to enter the Syracuse University football team and become the first black man to win the Heisman Trophy in this film based on the true story of ‘Ernie Davis.

Rental L’Express, rated PG, for $ 3.99 on Google Play Movies.


Full output

After an accident puts an end to her dreams of becoming an Olympic gymnast, Ariana Berlin finds her new dreams in the world of hip hop dance and varsity athletics.

Flux Full, rated TV-PG on Netflix.


The game plan

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson stars as arrogant football player Joe Kingman, who discovers he has an 8-year-old daughter. Joe must learn to control his ego off the pitch and raise his child, while winning over the fans on the pitch.

Flux The game plan, classified PG, on Disney +.


The greatest game ever

Introduce kids to golf with this 2005 Disney film based on the true story of an amateur golfer who wins the US Open Championship.

Watch The greatest game ever played, PG classified, on Disney +.


Ice princess

A girl, who spends more time in the library than at the rink, helps her realize her dreams of becoming a figure skater with her knowledge of physics and a disgraced coach.

Flux Ice princess, noted G, on Disney +.


Kicking and screaming

Will Ferrell stars in this hilarious film about a competitive parent who coaches his son’s soccer team in the hopes of turning the bunch of ragged kids into a team of champions.

Flux Kicks and screams, PG classified, on HBO Max.


Like mike

A young orphan is transformed into a star basketball player after donning a pair of shoes belonging to an NBA legend in this 2002 film starring Lil ‘Bow Wow.

Flux Like Mike, classified PG, on HBO Max.


Mi Amigo Alexis

After a young football fan befriends his idol, they soon discover that their connection teaches them lessons of life and love in this international film.

Flux Mi Amigo Alexis, rated TV-PG, on Netflix.


The mighty ducks

A leading lawyer is charged with a unique mission: to train a group of unhappy children’s hockey players to greatness.

Flux The mighty ducks, rated PG, on Disney +.


Mighty Raju: Rio’s Call

Mighty Raju takes on rival footballers from Brazil in this animated Hindi film.

Flux Mighty Raju: Rio’s Call, rated TV-Y7, on Netflix.



Andi is a girl obsessed with motocross racing, even though her dad thinks it’s too dangerous for her. But when Andi dresses up as her twin brother, she’s able to take part in the big race and prove everyone wrong.

Flux Motocross, rated TV-G, on Disney +.


MVP 2: the most vertical primate

Jack is the most athletic ape in the world. But when he finds himself kicked out of a hockey team, he enters the skateboard competition and defies and defies all odds of being a skateboard chimpanzee.

Flux MVP 2: the most vertical primate, noted G, on tubtv.


Racing stripes

After a baby zebra separates from a traveling circus, he is discovered by a horse trainer, who keeps him as a pet. The zebra ends up being more than a pet – it begins to inspire those around it to follow their dreams.

Rental Racing stripes, rated PG, for $ 2.85 on Amazon Prime Video.


Remember the titans

Denzel Washington stars as soccer coach Herman Boone in this film based on a true story about a newly appointed black soccer coach who is set to lead a high school soccer team in Virginia during their first season of racial integration.

Flux Remember the titans, classified PG, on Disney +.


Rookie of the Year

A 12-year-old Little Leaguer is swept into the major leagues where he becomes the most powerful and accurate pitcher the Chicago Cubs have ever seen.

Flux Rookie of the Year, PG classified, on Hulu.


Ride like a girl

This Australian film, based on a true story, follows an ambitious young girl who aims to become the first female horse jockey to win the Melbourne Cup. If you are looking for a way to introduce your kids to horse racing, then this movie is for you.

Flux Ride like a girl, note PG, on Netflix.



You can’t mention the best sports movies without talking about Sand, the classic children’s film about a motley group of kids spending their summers playing baseball on a sand court.

Flux The Sandlot, classified PG, on Disney +.


Finding Bobby Fischer

Take a break from competitive sports to learn more about competitive chess. Finding Bobby Fischer is a 1993 film about a childhood chess prodigy (think The Queen’s Gambit without the dark), which explores the world of chess competitions with the help of a master trainer.

Flux Looking for Bobby Fisher, PG classified, on plutotv.


Space jam

Every kid’s favorite sports movie from the ’90s is worth revisiting or showing off to your own kids. Michael Jordan himself stars in the 1996 film where Bugs Bunny recruits him to help the Looney Tunes take on a team of evil monsters.

Flux Space jam, classified PG, on HBO Max.


Space Jam: a new legacy

NBA star LeBron James plays the part of himself in this Space jam followed as he also participates in another high intensity basketball game with the wonderful Looney Tunes.

Flux Space Jam: a new legacy, rated PG, on HBO Max.


Surf’s Up

Learn about the world of competitive surfing through the eyes of an adorable penguin whose destiny is life’s mission to surf.

Flux Surf’s Up, rated PG, on Amazon Prime Video.


The outsiders

Always wanted to know more about table football? The outsiders focuses on a shy foosball player who is having trouble with the best soccer player in the world. In order to save his city and his crush, the figurines of his table football come to life and help him save the day.

Flux The outsiders, PG classified, on Netflix.

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