Toms River Partially Blinded NJ Teenager In Mail Truck Crash Receives $ 2 Million


TOMS RIVER – After an accident with a U.S. mail truck left him blind in one eye, a teenager in Ocean County has won a settlement of nearly $ 2 million, according to a released report.

The November 2016 crash involved a 13-year-old boy, who was a passenger in the back of a Jeep Cherokee traveling to Toms River, while reported by the New Jersey Law Journal.

A US Post truck, driven by a worker delivering an Amazon package, suddenly turned left and struck the vehicle along Washington Street, court documents show.

The boy, identified only as CF in his trial, said he suffered fractures to his face, a cut that permanently blinded his right eye, as well as emotional trauma and damage.

Lawyers for the US Postal Service argued the boy should have worn a seat belt, court document says deposit in 2018.

The teenager, now 18, settled the case for $ 1.965 million, the same Law Journal report mentionned.

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