Toms River Transportation Department Graduation Video 2021


Everyone is celebrating the end of this crazy school year and all that has happened, hats off to the schools, teachers, parents and children. You have all done a fantastic job getting through this year which was the Covid 19 pandemic.

You must all be saluted for your determination to get through this difficult year and with that, congratulations to the class of 2021… you have definitely graduated this year!

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People with the Toms River Schools Transportation Department prepare a fantastic video to share with everyone, please take a moment to watch it’s amazing!

Thanks to everyone at Toms River Transportation Department for sharing, love the video and love the so creative drone footage… ..well done!

Toms River Department of Transportation

If you have any graduation thanks ‍ ‍ be sure to post your comments below and let them know how proud you are of them for having had such a difficult year!

BIG Thank you to all the bus drivers and members of the Toms River Transportation Department who made sure our kids got to and from school every day, and to all the “carriers” here on Jersey Shore… .THANK YOU


Toms River Department of Transportation

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