New digital game offerings to explore Arkansas destinations


If you have vacation plans this summer to travel to the Natural State of Arkansas, there’s a new way to enhance your explorations. A new series of digital games will help visitors learn more about Arkansas destinations and test their knowledge of the state.

Featuring interactive content and activities, the games are designed to be used before visiting a destination, while traveling, or when you return home. How you play the game is up to you. You can even challenge your friends or family to see who scores the most. Some participating locations may also offer freebies or other freebies for playing their game.

Games available to play include:

  • Arkansas Delta Byways Tourism Association
    • Online quiz
    • National Scenic Roads Challenge
  • Town of Walnut Ridge
    • Walnut Ridge trivia at the ridge
  • Historic washington
    • Discover the historic game of Washington Trivia
  • Northwestern Arkansas Tourism Association
    • NWA Arts & Entertainment Challenge
    • NWA Food & Outdoor Challenges
  • Ozark Gateway Tourist Board
  • Shiloh Museum of Ozark History
    • Shiloh Museum of the Ozarks

To view and play the games, visit

Created by startup Eksplor in collaboration with Arkansas Tourism, each game highlights the unique attractions, culture, and history of a featured destination. Additional locations will be added in the future.

Eksplor won the Ark Tank Business Pitch Award at the 2020 Arkansas Governors’ Tourism Conference. For more information on Eksplor, visit

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