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As the circus industry comes to life, a new class of graduates is working its muscles. These brilliant artists tolerated higher levels of uncertainty than usual and did so with grace. With this in mind, CircusTalk is delighted to present the 2021 “Meet the Graduate” series and honor the hard work of all the performers and the completion of their final year of circus school. Presentation by Constance Dansart, graduate of the École de Cirque de Québec and trapeze artist.
Constance Dansart, 2021 graduate

Constance Dansart fell in love with the static trapeze at the age of five. After meeting him at Animation center of the Grange aux Belles, Dansart began to dream of being a circus artist. Today she made that dream come true.

After obtaining his baccalaureate in 2015, Dansart finally began preparatory training at the Center des Arts du Cirque Balthazar in France. There she studied acrobatics, hand balance, theater and dance. Dansart then began her studies at the École de Cirque de Québec in 2018, where she added the Cyr wheel as a secondary discipline.

Diving into his circus training at the École de Cirque de Québec both challenged and inspired Dansart. The training program was different from what she had experienced before, prompting her to refine not only her technique but also her identity as an artist. Most importantly, her education gave her the confidence she needed as a circus performer.

Public presentation at the École de Cirque de Québec

On how the circus arts influence him personally, Dansart says, “I grew up seeing circus performances. Each show is a meeting with different artists, bodies, personalities and pasts, thanks to the diversity and freedom of the circus arts. The conviviality of the circus world creates a dialogue as true and sincere on stage as in life. I’m learning a lot about myself as an artist and about my role. My dance teacher at the École de cirque de Québec once told us to see the dynamic of group creation as an ecosystem. I like this collective vision. In general, the circus arts have taught me to be alert and sensitive to the world around me, and to use this ability as my source of creativity and inspiration.

For Dansart, the circus is above all encounters and encounters. At the École de Cirque de Québec, she established herself as an artist and united with a beautiful circus community. COVID-19 has impacted not only his ability to practice his craft, but also his connection with his peers. She can’t wait to reprise her role on stage and meet new audiences. Here, Constance describes her plans after graduation:

“I will be graduating from the École de cirque de Québec in June 2021. With my promotion, we are preparing to present our latest show ‘Entre ici et chez toi’ directed by Olivier Lépine (June 3-6, 2021) . I am so excited to take the stage in front of a real audience after this difficult time for the arts. It’s the best way to end my career at ECQ, and it gives me so much energy for the future and my beginnings as a professional artist. I also have some small projects with other artists for this summer that are in preparation!

Dansart’s graduation static trapeze act titled “A Memory of Celebrations” is described on its website as an “aerial act of a woman putting her body and soul into a memory where, over and over again, her trapeze turns into a bartender, dancers and partner. “The number gives a theatrical twist to the static trapeze while personifying the device and surprising the audience.

All photos provided by Constance Dansart, credited to Emmanuel Burriel
Lydie North

Lydia is a current Florida-based Sailor Circus graduate who attended the Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2017. She is a Florida State University alumnus and FSU Flying High Circus alumnus who earned a degree in Media Communication Studies and Spanish. His disciplines include trapeze, aerial silks and Spanish canvas. Lydia is luckily part of the CircusTalk team as an associate journalist editor, combining her love for media and all things circus related.

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